Finally I’ll be surmising this project as a whole.
I have looked into a diverse range of contemporary creative practices to find that my style of work, be it photography, art, writing, digital painting, design or videography is just one lily pad in the vast fishpond of work out there. By researching other artists and pushing my own abilities I have seen that I can make a ripple, if not a splash in the wider creative community. One of the main tools of spreading my work is the blog your reading now, I’ve seen that there are so many more platforms across many different styles, hobbies, countries… but still, mine is now amongst them.
I have gained vast knowledge of how creative practice engages with outside themes, debates, issues, opinions, and even how some people reflect themselves in certain aspects of their work… It can be beautiful, overpowering, sad, disgraceful or simply neutral. From the lectures we completed looking at symbolism, censorship and much more, I can now see why a lot of people do the things they do to expose a certain aspect of the world that might otherwise go unnoticed.
By expanding your knowledge and understanding of these cultural contexts and critical debates I have come to terms with that unsettles me in this world, choosing one of them and portraying it both through a product that almost mocks the way you were created, alongside images depicting the effects of my subject.
In the future I would love to look into more issues as I think having a purpose behind work really brings it to life – this is something I have failed to see in my past work.

One of my personal goals for this module was to practice different ways of lighting and the utilisation of one small space – to see what I can virtually create from the ‘same thing’.
What you see below is my bedroom, not a dumping ground for forgotten items as you may have been thinking. This was one end of my room, whilst the other was simply a grey carpet with white walls, a blue light shade and a window covered in plants.
I made it my challange to use this space to its full potential, sacraficing my personal space in the process.
It was well worth it in the end, and I feel I’ve learned a valuable lesson – that nothing good can come without sacrafices, big or small.


I can honestly say this is up there with my favourite projects. I have enjoyed bringing you along and hopefully I’ll see you in my next posts and projects.

Thankyou always,


Creative Practice – FINAL

Hello again.
This is the last post (excluding the Summary) of Creative Practice where the final outcomes shall be displayed.
I would like to say a big thank you to my model, Tatiana for working long hours with me day and night under the heat of studio lights, multiple makeup changes and outfit switches. This really wouldn’t be possible without her help and skill in front of the lens.

Anyway! I hope you enjoy the outcomes for both Design and Photography sections, a Summary of this project will be coming next post so keep an eye out!

Section 1:
Computer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on whiteComputer display isolated on white







Section 2:
Photography – ‘Supporting’ Images


Section 3:
Photography – Final Images

My Wall:

A Row of Perfection:


ITEM NO. :R6078

I’m Confident Now:

Design – Site

Part of the Design section of ‘Creative Practice’ is a website for the brand Face Studios. I shall be giving a brief idea of the layout I used and some discarded ideas.

Below is the ‘pop up’ screen of this site, using the same custom font of the logo, emphasising the brand itself. I aligned both the text and the image in the centre of the screen using the neutral grey colour that is pard of this brand. This colour was chosen because it fits well with the simple creme tone of the foundation I chose to represent ‘skin’.
Once clicked upon, the site’s homepage will open.


As you can see below, I have chosen a few out of the many foundation blobs I created for the logo to use as ‘extras’ in the website, this not only reenforces the logo but also the brand style.


This is the part when I started playing around with different layouts, in the end I settled with a static, transparent header and menu that reenforces the simplistic, minimal appearance I am aiming for.
In the end I didn’t use either of the images in the background below (well, it was the same image but in a different place) because I felt the top one distracted too much from the menu’s slender typeface, the one below was discarded due to the opacity – I liked the faded appearance but this brand is selling a face… I wanted that face to be visible and not an aftermath, I wanted it to catch people’s eye and find the product endearing.

The layouts of other pages were similar because in my opinion, minimalism doesn’t need much change.
The image below however was a trial where things looked far too overcrowded to be called minimal. The before and after was a good selling point for this product but I’m afraid I simply don’t like how it looked – I tried this several different ways and having more than one image on the same page detracted from the logo’s beauty, and also the beauty of the images and girls I used.

In the end my response was rather simple.
I shall show all in the next post: Final.

Thankyou for reading and I shall see you next post.


Design – Advertisements

The next step is to start using my logo.
I plan on keeping this Design section rather simple, not making a whole corporate manual for this brand, but simply giving you all a taste of how it may pan out as a whole.

Next up is advertisements – this is what the photos I have taken (not the Creative Responses) were created for.


Development was pretty simple, just aligning and setting up the right guides and measurements etc.

The final Results:
(there are 4 just to show you a little more how I went from A to B, the last image being the one I settled with.

And there you have it. Later on I will most likely be Photoshopping these results onto backgrounds for my outcome post.

Thankyou again,


Design – The Concept & Logo

First thing is first, a logo.
Now, your probably wondering what on earth this logo is for, so let me explain.

All of the images so far have fitted into two purposes: Design images or Creative responses. The Creative responses are direct responses to the subject of my essay, whilst the Design images are to be used separately in this segment, and were taken as a base for what will be advertisements.
The idea I have for this Design section is for a product named ‘Face’ or ‘Face Studios’. This is basically a skin for the face – like makeup, except from it is instant, like a mask. The idea is that the Studios belonging to Face take castings of client’s faces that can be stored forever and used as many times as required to make a custom ‘skin’ for the face. This skin is then permanently decorated by professional makeup artists in whichever style the client is paying for. See three example styles below:

Once the face(s) are finished, they are sent to the client with a choice of either a full sized mannequin, a torso or a head stand to store these ‘skins’ on.
Whilst the faces are out of use, they remain still and have a glazed over expression, though when applied to the face, they move freely with all the muscles in the face, just like real skin.
This product is easier than makeup to apply, and doesn’t give you side effects like some makeup can. The goal is perfection and seems though the skins never change, this perfection can be achieved every day with no effort.

And yes, you may be thinking ‘who would want that level of perfection?’ But for the answers, read my Critical Studies essay for more details.

Now! Beginning the logo design, of course I started sketching below what I may want the structure to be, I knew from the nature of this project that I wanted to have a neutral tone that people would associate with makeup, paints or skin.


After some deliberation I went on my usual font hunt, then began work on drawing up my custom logo from the font I chose.
After, I chose to go literal with the makeup/skin appearance and photographed several different splurges and smudges of foundation. I then cut these out with the Pen tool in Photoshop, and proceeded to merge the image with my custom font and ‘studios’ to create the custom logotype.


And below is the final result.
I was aiming for minimalism and elegance, which I think turned out okay.


To see more development, continue to keep updated!


Photoshoot 7 (FINAL)

‘Finally!’ I hear you thinking. And yes, this is the last photoshoot after what is a short time for me, but a rather long time of reading through these posts for you.

Thinking back to Photoshoot 1, I wanted to create something different and really quite disturbing to some, and that is what I am hoping to achieve in this photoshoot too, and based on the idea I have, hopefully we shall see just that in the outcome, so keep in touch for the outcome!

Much like Photoshoot 1, this image is comprised of multiple images in one, and thus multiple pictures had to be taken meaning this was another of the longer lasting shoots for my poor model Tatiana, meaning various makeup and outfit changes along the way. Below I have included some development images of me ‘stitching’ all the images together in Photoshop. I mainly used the Pen, feather, heal and clone tools with some adjusting of the levels, saturation etc at the end:

I have a few ‘final images’ to show you below, then the usual ‘teasers’:

‘Final Image’ 1:
‘Final Image’ 2:
‘Final Image’ 3:


Overall I am happy with all of the images I’ve produced for this project, now it’s time to move on to the Design section. See you in the next post!


Photoshoot 6

Welcome to the 6th photoshoot, I only have one more to do after this, you may be glad to know. These images are probably the least important in a sense, because they are simply based on an idea I had for the Design segment I am yet to complete – here I’m looking at innocence. Or rather – what destroys it.
I used a spotlight for these images, though it might not look like it. I opened the barn doors very wide so that the light was more evenly distributed, but still casted a pretty harsh shadow. I wasn’t looking for yellowish tungsten lighting, so I altered the settings of these images a little which was easier, seems though I took them as RAW files.

Below are a couple of tester shots:img_9197img_9224

And then the final two images that I’m thinking about using in a campaign:

Thankyou for viewing,


Photoshoot 4

On to the fourth photoshoot.
For this one, I was focusing again on my essay topic: The media surrounding the Beauty industry is directly effecting young adults and children.
Whether we realise it or not, the Beauty Industry is everywhere we look in popular culture: It’s all over adds, plastered on the airbrushed faces of beautiful celebrities, and adorn by adults who children and adolescents look up to. It’s indirectly advertised by adults, children, parents and family all around us… but does this ‘perfection’ effect the mindset of those exposed? This image is meant to explore that.
As usual, I won’t give you the exact meaning of these images because I’d like them to be interpreted as viewers see fit.

First off I did my usual test shots (which my cat Bella decided to crash) for lighting and angle purposes as you can see below:


Personally I thought the darker lighting added more eeriness and depth to my images, but I decided to keep it a little fairer so more was visible and so that the mysterious vibe couldn’t be interpreted as something a lot more sinister.

Below are some ‘teasers’ and ‘final images’ to look at, these final images are not going to be a part of the final few, but they are just an idea of what the finalised image may look like.


Final Images:

Thankyou for viewing this post. I have a few more photoshoots to do, so stay updated!


Photoshoot 3

This Photoshoot is a little different from the last two in the sense that it’s not as creative and doesn’t hold symbolism in the way the others do.
The purpose for these images is a little different too – they’re for the Design segment of this module, and shall be used as ‘backgrounds’ for some advertisement concepts I’ve come up with. More on that later.

The actual setup of these photographs wasn’t quite as simple as the outcome, reason being because I used a backlight (in two of them) which I have never done before, but it worked out marvellously in the end. These were all taken against my bedroom wall, and haven’t been edited too much as I tried to get the lighting as close to perfect as I could – the bottom image where there appears to be three of the same model has had the most work done, simply to make the made-up version at the front seem glowing and more confident than the other two. The first two images are of myself, experimenting with self portraiture instead of being behind the camera was an interesting challenge.

I think all of these have worked out well.
Feel free to view all four ‘design’ images below:


Thankyou for viewing!


Photoshoot 2

This photoshoot was a little different from the last as I am focusing more on symbolism and what the items (possessions such as makeup, books, clothes, mirrors) in a person’s life could represent.

I am using the same setting as last time, just using far different set design, model’s clothing and a different angle.

There was a chance that this image could look very cluttered and over crowded, so I took extra special care while placing all of the objects as to not swamp the model’s surroundings.

First, I did some test shoots (EXCUSE MY PJ’S):

After using myself as a kind of ‘marker’ to decide what I wanted my model to do, I began arranging all of the items I’d collected into what might look like a big mess:

All of this had been done and taken in daylight so I waited for the sun to go down before calling in Tatty to get changed. I proceeded to adjust the lights as usual, I used a soft-box again, only this time I focused the light to fall in front of her, casting a shadow behind her where the past lies.

And that’s it for the test shoot!
Next we got on with creating the photos. I’ll have some teasers as well as a couple od ‘side-images’ as outcomes below:

‘Outcome’ 1:
Foetus Close.jpg

‘Outcome’ 2:
Hourglass B&W.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 20.17.22.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-07 at 20.17.27.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-07 at 20.17.34.png

Hope you have enjoyed reading/looking!

See you next post for… probably a third photoshoot.. though I’m not entirely sure if that’s what I’ll be doing next. We shall see!