Here are all of the final concepts compiled:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 20.51.09.png

Project Overview:
I love the colour red… so this was an enjoyable project for me… ehe x) Apart from that, I feel rather strongly about giving blood, so getting the message across to a younger audience (as impossible as that may seem) was really fun ^^

Thankyou for viewing and hopefully I’ll see you in my next project!


The Truck & The App

One of the main points of this whole idea is to have a traveling blood unit that goes to colleges and universities all around Great Britain and parks at the entrance so students and teachers can give blood.
One of the things that will entice students that haven’t already seen the heart epidemic on Facebook, is the design of the truck itself:

The logic behind this is as follows: What attracts moneyless students? Free stuff… and food. Being a student myself, I can vouch for this sad fact. So not only will donors get their Facebook heart, they will get free food and drink and also I thought about having a prize draw where donors have the choice to write their names onto a red piece of paper and drop it into a giant, heart shaped blood bag for the chance to win the grand prize.

Last but not least I decided to design the app that donors can download with their unique donor number, this app lets people keep track of how many people they have saved, also their appointments, where the traveling van is going next, NHS contact, appointment booking and more.

Iphone App.jpg

Keep an eye out for the project overview in the next post!

Until then,



Branding, Advertising & the Concept

The next thing I shall be working on is the Donor Card every patient shall receive after giving blood. The aim of these is to identify yourself to the nurse taking the blood (after the initial “interview” with the first nurse), and also to keep handy if the donor forgets their blood type, their donor number or the location of their last visit.
Also for first time donors the nurses will tell them about their donor number and how it is the login for the App and also, the code for getting their facebook heart.
I took a look at some of the NHS’s existing and previous donor cards for Organ Donation. In my opinion they are (again) too crowded and off-putting. They also don’t really appeal to a younger audience:

Below is the editing process of the front and back of these cards, I did the layout for these in Adobe InDesign and then finished them off in Photoshop:

And the final result:

I went for the red boarders because it keeps the colour consistently throughout all of my designs, also I chose to to keep it simple on both the front and the back of the cards.
Moving on, next shall be the advertisement section…

For the advertisement I’ll mostly be using word of mouth to get the message out, much like when Facebook brought out the French flag overlay for people’s profile pictures. This presence online is what gets people asking questions and getting answers from their friends, as well as putting pressure on people to “join the trend”, the consequence of not doing so is them being “heartless”.

Below is two different ideas, though it is possible to keep both of them as separate options for donors to have on their profile, or to not have at all if they don’t want the counter on their actual profile picture.
The first image is the traditional overlay style of the WBDD logo.
The second image is a smaller, more discreet counter for how many lives the donor has saved.

As a separate note, all people on Facebook will have the giant heart filter on World Blood Donation Day for a limited amount of time to spread awareness.

Next up is a screen-shot of my facebook wall. I have inserted the logo and the counter in different locations to show the options available to each donor when they put their code in. The plan for the buttons on the actual facebook wall (not the profile picture) is that when you click on them, it sends you straight to the WBDD and blood donation websites in separate tabs so you have all the information you need. Even if you don’t click on it, a lot of people will ask around what the heart is, thus spreading the word that way instead.

The first placement of the life-counter is in the top, right hand corner of the header just next to the thumbnail of your profile picture.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 19.03.03.png
The second placement is on the options bar where you can search through people’s profiles.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 19.06.28.png

Last but certainly not least is the option to have Facebook automatically post on your wall when your blood is used to save somebody’s life. This option is my favourite as it is very eye-catching and really gets the message across.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 19.17.22.png

Though Facebook advertising is certainly the most effective way to spread a cause (in my opinion), I have created a couple of billboard mock-ups below just to make this love heart pop up everywhere and really make people want to know what it is:

Thankyou for reading this section, the next section will becoming shortly:)

Doodles, Logos & the Concept


After creating my core concept for this brief I picked 4 logo designs to make very quick, paint style mock ups of. This is basically to get an idea of the colours and how the logo fits together when not in sketch form.

image1 (1).JPG

These mock-ups are all similar, accept from the heart which happens to be my favourite. I think I am going to choose this one because of the concept I have created – mainly because when it comes to the Facebook part, I shall need a heart for this all to work and in my opinion, this will work perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 18.14.48.png
After making this decision for the WBDD logo, I began to play around with the shape of the logo, attempting different hearts, blood droplets and colours as you can see below. I used Adobe Illustrator for all of this process.



And here is the finished result:


Again, I decided to keep this heart very simple as I find one of the things that makes a lot of Health Organization logos so unappealing is how complex and overcrowded they are, making it hard to pinpoint the important information in the orginization or simply putting you off them all together.
The goal of my logo is to appeal to younger audiences and to look good within the social media marketing plan I have.

Because the whole point of this brief is to convince young people to donate blood, having this kind of modern, minimal logo is an important step. Also, having a reward for coming (in this case a cup of tea, biscuits, the app and a code for your Facebook blood heart) is of peak importance. This is when I began designing the tea and biscuit packaging.

While creating the mug, tea strainer and biscuit packaging I kept in mind to keep the WBDD logo on all of the packaging to promote consistency and also, to show that WBDD is in part of the travelling blood campaign. Below you can see the screenshots of both editing processes, feel free to browse these – it involved Photoshop and Illustrator and a lot of the Liquify, Pen, Perspective Warp, Brush, Eraser and Layer mask tools.

The hardest was probably working with the biscuit packaging because of the spherical shape, here is the before and after (please note the top image is not my design, the bottom one is)
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.35.50
Now for the mug and tea strainer design:
Hearty Cuppa.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this section, I shall be continuing in the next post 🙂
See you next time!



WBDD – The Concept

A little further on in the developmental stage I have managed to filter out a lot of the unnecessary ideas and have focused on the one to do with travelling to the actual donors location, this is particularly good for the younger audience because it erases the effort of having to go to a location. Also having a gift for donating and an app to keep you in the loop is great because it will make the youngsters feel like they are doing something good and will have a constant reminder.
The first section to this is brainstorms and rough sketches for the WBDD logo which I don’t plan to finish until I have the concept worked out completely because I may choose to change or include something from the concept and work it over to the logo itself.
Photo on 21-04-2016 at 10.00

Here in this development segment is a few ideas for the App I am planning to create, as you can see above there are to be many features all aimed at keeping the donor well in the loop of how their blood is helping people get better, again, influenced by a ranking system to enforce people’s competitive nature and supplemented with rewards when reaching a certain point from the government.

For a brief such as this one that deals with something of urgency, I feel there is more to reeling people in than just creating enticing visuals – there needs to be an aspect of reward for the participants and also, something that will get more and more people on board. One of the best ways to do this in my opinion is through the ever expanding horizon of social media.
A perfect example of people pulling together via social media is when the bombings happened in Paris. This tragic event brought on an entourage of people using France’s flag as an overlay on their profile picture to show their respect, support and condolences to the victims of terrorism. Though it is a vile and tragic event, it ultimately showed how powerful the influence of Facebook is. My hypothesis is that part of the reason this worked so well is because of people asking questions – “why do you have the French flag on your profile picture?” is a simple enough question, though the answer only spreads this ‘trend’ (bad word to use as it is symbolic of people’s respect) even faster, almost like you are HEARTLESS for not having this overlay.
Apologies for the capitals but my brain works so that words inspire things – this thing being a heart icon on your Facebook page that only shows up if you’ve given blood. Similar to the Paris Incident, only possibly a heart shape that is related to the WBDD logo and if you don’t have a heart on your profile, you are ‘heartless’ in a sense – not aiding those in need when you are able.
Below are mine and my sister’s profile pictures with the France Flag overlay.
Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 23.05.24Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 23.04.54

Below are just a few more of my doodles, these outline clearer the bullet points of my concept, the main components that will bring together the visual idea:


Thankyou for viewing! I will continue the development in the next post 🙂

World Blood Donor Day

One of the final projects for year 2 is named “Young Blood” set by Rare Creative, a design agency based in good o’l Sheffield.
The brief is as follows:
“Life is short, for some too short. There’s an every-growing demand for blood donation. By donating blood you will help save and transform the lives of desperately ill people.” The final requirements are one of the following:
. Leaflet
. Handout
. Donor Card
. Website Homepage
. Storyboard

Mandatory Requirements:
. Blog/pdf of research and design development showing how and why your campaign developed how it did.
. Create branding for “World Blood Donation Day”
. Come up with an advertising campaign that encourages people to become donors. Your creative solution should have a minimum of three different visuals.

All of the above is the criteria. From this point I started researching branding for WBDD and many other donation companies in England particularly as this is where I am aiming for the campaign.

Below are some blood and non blood related campaigns that I find quite impactful – it’s less about the imagery in some cases and more about the meaning behind the actual advertisement. Something I have noticed though is that it’s near impossible to get the message of blood across without the use of red, unless of course you are using typography that directly shouts about the topic.
I particularly like the “DON’T BE SUCH A WUSS” – I think it’s rather impactful and gets the message across quite nicely.

This is the part when I started brainstorming –
Basically here I am coming up with quotes that could be interesting for an advertisement or billboard, even a slogan or internet advertisement. I thought about using photography and typography as a visual medium to portray these but I think both could be a little stereotypical.

Photo on 21-04-2016 at 09.58

So first off I began by brainstorming different quotes that are aimed at young and audiences to pull at the heart strings. Both typographical responses and visual proposals were created as you can see above.

Photo on 21-04-2016 at 09.59

This second image consists of some fact hunting for the purpose of having factual information and shocking truths present in my response – as well as more quotes and visual responses that I may choose to use or may not.

Photo on 21-04-2016 at 09.5


Thankyou for viewing this section of early development. I shall continue the development on this brief in the next post 🙂