Major Project – Brochures

To begin this journey, I started by researching my ‘issue’ in society in my Planing for Major Project section, where in depth research was conducted to ensure I have a firm grasp on the topic at hand. Not only this, but I have a lot of personal feelings towards everything spoken about in this project, so this only strengthens my desire to create a good outcome that will do this topic justice. The issues were as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 14.47.35.png

If you have read my Planning for Major Project section, you will know that I completed my Presentation, leaving off at where I should be going with this project.

My initial thoughts were to create either an Ebook, Starter Pack, Infoguide or maybe even a deli/restaurant that is dedicated to helping people realise how our eating habits are destroying out health, the environment, the lives of animals and much more. Below is a picture of the notes I took while deciding:


The Learning Outcomes of the project are below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 14.35.07.png
I shall try to meet these criteria whilst creating my outcome, keeping these in mind, I will now begin brainstorming:


The orange highlighted sections are the ones that hold my interest most, and after the mind maps, I figured that both the Mail Box, and the Restaurant Menu are of my choice.
Deciding between these two is hard, because they both fit my proposal equally as well by fulfilling everything I have outlined of this brief… only in different ways.
Whilst the restaurant is a very literal way of doing this (when it comes to the health side) because it contains only healthy, vegan food and special recipes, it lacks a little when it comes to the information part. Getting the information about cruelty, our poor health and dying world out there whilst selling food is a little counterintuitive, simply because while eating, this isn’t what customers want to think about. Then there is the ‘preaching’ part – whilst this restaurant will be great for those already educated when it comes to the animal industry, it will put off a lot of potential customers who are not inclined to eat this way because of their beliefs.

On the flip side, the Mailed Box acts kind of like a started guide for people who are both informed, and those who aren’t. It therefore has a broader audience to spread the word, while also containing every aspect of information I would like to convey – all this without the same drawbacks that the restaurant would have.

I shall be creating the Mailed Box… or brochure(s) But, how will people get to hear about this you ask? The idea is as follows:
Not only will this started pack have it’s own website, Crowdfunder and subscription system for those who are actively ordering and wanting to know about Veganism, but for those who are unaware, I have devised a ‘partner programme’. How this would theoretically work, is that my mailed box/brochure company will team up with various other businesses, such as clothing lines, supermarkets, online stores, jewellers etc, to send a free box along with any purchase a customer of this ‘partner’ makes. I think this is a brilliant way of spreading the word to those who do not know of the vegan lifestyle and animal awareness, also to broaden the business and therefore the possibility of more and more boxes being sent out to customers of partner businesses.

Now on to the brochures itself!
For the content, I have a rough list of what I feel would be beneficial:


I think it will be beneficial to have a variety of content in separate form for all those who are interested in different aspects – also it will make the content look a little more ‘full’ – in addition to this, a freebie works as incentive (or good will gesture).

That is all for now – I shall be developing the company etc in the next post, so hopefully I will see you there.




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