Professional Development & The Mardy Bums

To begin I am going to start looking at my Professional identity.

This consists of the list below:
. Adjust website
. Sell myself
. Pinpoint what I’m selling
. Personal Branding
. Update Content
. CV
. Make Separate blog for all my off topic/creative material

To begin this endeavour I have decided that first thing is first – research. Before I decide to reconstruct my site and sell myself as a designer, I need to know what I’m up against and what is trending currently in this market.
I have chosen to use the website to search for other creatives like myself, and how their marketing techniques work:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 17.40.35.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-18 at 17.40.30.pngscreen-shot-2017-02-18-at-17-40-24

The next sites are specific to Graphic Designers – I have had a gander around Google to see who came up, then selecting which ones I like:

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 16.00.34.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 17.49.37.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 16.00.20.png
I have also explored some designers that are in Sheffield (where I live) – my two favourite are Side by Side and Peter & Paul.


The first step of redesigning my website for me is to create another one – one for me and my sister. Remember how I said I’d like to keep the design of my current site and use it for something else? This is the perfect opportunity – and seems though my sister also likes the layout and videos etc, it can be used and tweaked as needed.
The domain I’m going to edit first will be a travel blog/lifestyle/gaming website, purely for hobby. is the name.

Shots of my old website (

Shot of Mardybums template – unfinished of course:
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.47.31.png

The first thing I did here was activate a ‘maintenance mode’ page so that when people click on both of my websites, they won’t see the mess of me experimenting:
Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 15.29.00.png

Now that this is over, it’s time to start work on Mardybums.
As I mentioned before, it will look very similar to my old site – I am not against this at all as I love my old website, I just need something more current and that will sell myself.
The video below shows how I began the building process… it’s not full length or it would go on for hours:

As the video shows, I built the site piece by piece, swapping and changing things until I was happy with the look:

I am going to stop this post for now. Reason being, is that I need time to take extra photographs for certain sections of the site (some of the sections you see above are simply filler images), to talk to my sister about what we can change and improve within the layout and finally there are some issues on the mobile display and a few other errors that I need time to go over, so for now the maintenance page is back.

I will be continuing this post some time in the near future.
Until then,



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