Finally I’ll be surmising this project as a whole.
I have looked into a diverse range of contemporary creative practices to find that my style of work, be it photography, art, writing, digital painting, design or videography is just one lily pad in the vast fishpond of work out there. By researching other artists and pushing my own abilities I have seen that I can make a ripple, if not a splash in the wider creative community. One of the main tools of spreading my work is the blog your reading now, I’ve seen that there are so many more platforms across many different styles, hobbies, countries… but still, mine is now amongst them.
I have gained vast knowledge of how creative practice engages with outside themes, debates, issues, opinions, and even how some people reflect themselves in certain aspects of their work… It can be beautiful, overpowering, sad, disgraceful or simply neutral. From the lectures we completed looking at symbolism, censorship and much more, I can now see why a lot of people do the things they do to expose a certain aspect of the world that might otherwise go unnoticed.
By expanding your knowledge and understanding of these cultural contexts and critical debates I have come to terms with that unsettles me in this world, choosing one of them and portraying it both through a product that almost mocks the way you were created, alongside images depicting the effects of my subject.
In the future I would love to look into more issues as I think having a purpose behind work really brings it to life – this is something I have failed to see in my past work.

One of my personal goals for this module was to practice different ways of lighting and the utilisation of one small space – to see what I can virtually create from the ‘same thing’.
What you see below is my bedroom, not a dumping ground for forgotten items as you may have been thinking. This was one end of my room, whilst the other was simply a grey carpet with white walls, a blue light shade and a window covered in plants.
I made it my challange to use this space to its full potential, sacraficing my personal space in the process.
It was well worth it in the end, and I feel I’ve learned a valuable lesson – that nothing good can come without sacrafices, big or small.


I can honestly say this is up there with my favourite projects. I have enjoyed bringing you along and hopefully I’ll see you in my next posts and projects.

Thankyou always,



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