Design – Site

Part of the Design section of ‘Creative Practice’ is a website for the brand Face Studios. I shall be giving a brief idea of the layout I used and some discarded ideas.

Below is the ‘pop up’ screen of this site, using the same custom font of the logo, emphasising the brand itself. I aligned both the text and the image in the centre of the screen using the neutral grey colour that is pard of this brand. This colour was chosen because it fits well with the simple creme tone of the foundation I chose to represent ‘skin’.
Once clicked upon, the site’s homepage will open.


As you can see below, I have chosen a few out of the many foundation blobs I created for the logo to use as ‘extras’ in the website, this not only reenforces the logo but also the brand style.


This is the part when I started playing around with different layouts, in the end I settled with a static, transparent header and menu that reenforces the simplistic, minimal appearance I am aiming for.
In the end I didn’t use either of the images in the background below (well, it was the same image but in a different place) because I felt the top one distracted too much from the menu’s slender typeface, the one below was discarded due to the opacity – I liked the faded appearance but this brand is selling a face… I wanted that face to be visible and not an aftermath, I wanted it to catch people’s eye and find the product endearing.

The layouts of other pages were similar because in my opinion, minimalism doesn’t need much change.
The image below however was a trial where things looked far too overcrowded to be called minimal. The before and after was a good selling point for this product but I’m afraid I simply don’t like how it looked – I tried this several different ways and having more than one image on the same page detracted from the logo’s beauty, and also the beauty of the images and girls I used.

In the end my response was rather simple.
I shall show all in the next post: Final.

Thankyou for reading and I shall see you next post.



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