Design – The Concept & Logo

First thing is first, a logo.
Now, your probably wondering what on earth this logo is for, so let me explain.

All of the images so far have fitted into two purposes: Design images or Creative responses. The Creative responses are direct responses to the subject of my essay, whilst the Design images are to be used separately in this segment, and were taken as a base for what will be advertisements.
The idea I have for this Design section is for a product named ‘Face’ or ‘Face Studios’. This is basically a skin for the face – like makeup, except from it is instant, like a mask. The idea is that the Studios belonging to Face take castings of client’s faces that can be stored forever and used as many times as required to make a custom ‘skin’ for the face. This skin is then permanently decorated by professional makeup artists in whichever style the client is paying for. See three example styles below:

Once the face(s) are finished, they are sent to the client with a choice of either a full sized mannequin, a torso or a head stand to store these ‘skins’ on.
Whilst the faces are out of use, they remain still and have a glazed over expression, though when applied to the face, they move freely with all the muscles in the face, just like real skin.
This product is easier than makeup to apply, and doesn’t give you side effects like some makeup can. The goal is perfection and seems though the skins never change, this perfection can be achieved every day with no effort.

And yes, you may be thinking ‘who would want that level of perfection?’ But for the answers, read my Critical Studies essay for more details.

Now! Beginning the logo design, of course I started sketching below what I may want the structure to be, I knew from the nature of this project that I wanted to have a neutral tone that people would associate with makeup, paints or skin.


After some deliberation I went on my usual font hunt, then began work on drawing up my custom logo from the font I chose.
After, I chose to go literal with the makeup/skin appearance and photographed several different splurges and smudges of foundation. I then cut these out with the Pen tool in Photoshop, and proceeded to merge the image with my custom font and ‘studios’ to create the custom logotype.


And below is the final result.
I was aiming for minimalism and elegance, which I think turned out okay.


To see more development, continue to keep updated!



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