Photoshoot 7 (FINAL)

‘Finally!’ I hear you thinking. And yes, this is the last photoshoot after what is a short time for me, but a rather long time of reading through these posts for you.

Thinking back to Photoshoot 1, I wanted to create something different and really quite disturbing to some, and that is what I am hoping to achieve in this photoshoot too, and based on the idea I have, hopefully we shall see just that in the outcome, so keep in touch for the outcome!

Much like Photoshoot 1, this image is comprised of multiple images in one, and thus multiple pictures had to be taken meaning this was another of the longer lasting shoots for my poor model Tatiana, meaning various makeup and outfit changes along the way. Below I have included some development images of me ‘stitching’ all the images together in Photoshop. I mainly used the Pen, feather, heal and clone tools with some adjusting of the levels, saturation etc at the end:

I have a few ‘final images’ to show you below, then the usual ‘teasers’:

‘Final Image’ 1:
‘Final Image’ 2:
‘Final Image’ 3:


Overall I am happy with all of the images I’ve produced for this project, now it’s time to move on to the Design section. See you in the next post!



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