Photoshoot 6

Welcome to the 6th photoshoot, I only have one more to do after this, you may be glad to know. These images are probably the least important in a sense, because they are simply based on an idea I had for the Design segment I am yet to complete – here I’m looking at innocence. Or rather – what destroys it.
I used a spotlight for these images, though it might not look like it. I opened the barn doors very wide so that the light was more evenly distributed, but still casted a pretty harsh shadow. I wasn’t looking for yellowish tungsten lighting, so I altered the settings of these images a little which was easier, seems though I took them as RAW files.

Below are a couple of tester shots:img_9197img_9224

And then the final two images that I’m thinking about using in a campaign:

Thankyou for viewing,



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