Photoshoot 5

So this next shoot was nicknamed ‘Box Hobbit’ by the model, Tatiana – reason being that it was simply hilarious to position her without it looking awkward and staged. You’ll see why.

The concept for these photographs revolves around the tape on the box: Fragile. This fragility that’s been created by insecurity is again, pertaining to the beauty industry – the feeling that you are simply another product, another version of the masses. Enough said here though, I think the images speak for themselves.
I’m not going to include teaser images for the final photo here because I only took one variant of these images – there isn’t another version to share with you.

I began with the lighting and angle tests, as usual.
Below you can see that I used a huge spotlight as my source of light. There were two reasons for this: One being that the light would be harsh and guttural, not like that of a soft-box, and two, the light is directional, leaving one specific area in view whilst creating a depth and shadow for the rest of the image.
Basically I wanted this dramatic concept to be lit… well, dramatically I suppose.

Please view my test images below:

Please note, there will be a final image, but I feel no need to tease it as the photos above are a teaser in themselves.



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