Photoshoot 4

On to the fourth photoshoot.
For this one, I was focusing again on my essay topic: The media surrounding the Beauty industry is directly effecting young adults and children.
Whether we realise it or not, the Beauty Industry is everywhere we look in popular culture: It’s all over adds, plastered on the airbrushed faces of beautiful celebrities, and adorn by adults who children and adolescents look up to. It’s indirectly advertised by adults, children, parents and family all around us… but does this ‘perfection’ effect the mindset of those exposed? This image is meant to explore that.
As usual, I won’t give you the exact meaning of these images because I’d like them to be interpreted as viewers see fit.

First off I did my usual test shots (which my cat Bella decided to crash) for lighting and angle purposes as you can see below:


Personally I thought the darker lighting added more eeriness and depth to my images, but I decided to keep it a little fairer so more was visible and so that the mysterious vibe couldn’t be interpreted as something a lot more sinister.

Below are some ‘teasers’ and ‘final images’ to look at, these final images are not going to be a part of the final few, but they are just an idea of what the finalised image may look like.


Final Images:

Thankyou for viewing this post. I have a few more photoshoots to do, so stay updated!



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