Photoshoot 3

This Photoshoot is a little different from the last two in the sense that it’s not as creative and doesn’t hold symbolism in the way the others do.
The purpose for these images is a little different too – they’re for the Design segment of this module, and shall be used as ‘backgrounds’ for some advertisement concepts I’ve come up with. More on that later.

The actual setup of these photographs wasn’t quite as simple as the outcome, reason being because I used a backlight (in two of them) which I have never done before, but it worked out marvellously in the end. These were all taken against my bedroom wall, and haven’t been edited too much as I tried to get the lighting as close to perfect as I could – the bottom image where there appears to be three of the same model has had the most work done, simply to make the made-up version at the front seem glowing and more confident than the other two. The first two images are of myself, experimenting with self portraiture instead of being behind the camera was an interesting challenge.

I think all of these have worked out well.
Feel free to view all four ‘design’ images below:


Thankyou for viewing!



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