Social Media?

Good Afternoon ^^

I have done a project based on social media before and the whole ‘hashtag hijack’ concept, which I liked very much.
Whilst analysing this project though, I’m not sure if going down a social media route is something I am willing to pursue (simply because it doesn’t seem to fit my Critical Studies concept as well as, for example, something based on fiction rather than existing social media platforms).

Anyhow, we did a lecture on censorship and I thought the perfect place to look was Instagram with the whole #freethenipple uproar going down where basically, Instagram find it more terrifying to show a female’s nipple than to allow animal abuse, male nudity and other crimes appear on people’s feeds. Obviously, I disagree with Instagram’s insane censorship laws but it has given me the opportunity to explore in more depth, what Instagram has to offer for this project.
Below are a bunch of screenshots – all four from my personal Instagram. The ones you see below go as far back as 91 weeks ago, when I hadn’t had Instagram for very long. You see back then I thought that having this platform meant one thing: Get likes! And get follows! Literally, it’s kind of sad now I think about it how much time I spent making up my face just for a picture that I was anxious would receive under 50 likes from people I didn’t even know.
This all relates well to the topic I am researching for Critical Studies because it proves one of my points – girls are uncomfortable without makeup, and I certainly would have never dreamed of taking a ‘selfie’ with my bare face.

More recently however, my Instagram feed looks more like this:

It’s not all about the selfies or the likes, I just simply enjoy sharing my travels, food, experiences with my friends and family. I think back at how far I’ve come to break out of this mannequin I created for myself and to finally be more self confident and loving to my conscience.

Moving on, now for a little creative response.
Below is a collage I have created (this was one of our little tasks to do), the meaning behind this piece is to show how censorship deteriorates as we age, meaning we are exposed to more ideas, meanings and content. We begin to understand, to develop as a person and the collage is meant to encapsulate the ‘growing up’ essence of being exposed to previously censored materials.Collage.jpg

That is all so far, I now have a few more ideas as to where I may take this module.

Thankyou for viewing,



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