Photoshoot 1

So, the goal of this shoot I’m doing is to show the after effects of the use of ‘Face’ (the mask of makeup I am branding) and how exposure to makeup and the ‘perfect’ body type can make a young girl feel.
The meaning of this image can be interpreted in different ways however, you don’t have to know the subject nor the ‘face’ product to create your own meaning.

First off, I began with some test shots:

Evidently these shots are… well terrible haha. But once I had figured out where I wanted everything to go and what lighting I wanted (I was going to go for a harsh lighting but ended up using soft-boxes instead), I proceeded to tear my room down and re-do it to the setting I required.

You may be confused with the mannequin etc… but all shall be revealed in the last post of this project.
Below I’ve given you a few teasers of the final outcome (which is just one image by the way), but I will also be creating some ‘side images’ that are different shots from the same set… this is just to bulk up the number of images I actually have, seems though the requirement is between 10-15 images.

‘Outcome’ 1:

‘Outcome’ 2:


Enjoy dwelling on what could possibly be going on.

Until next shoot,



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