Ideas for Outcomes

I’ve been doing so much research for my Critical Studies that I had a general direction to start myself off, which I find very helpful.
After more research and searching for artists, brainstorming and consulting a few of my makeup loving friends, I have finally made a decision on what to do.

Instead of just choosing one area to focus on (either photography, design or media), I have decided to include a little bit of everything within this project. I shall be branding and designing an advertisement for a product I shall be talking about in a little bit, alongside an interview and a photographic response.

Design Aspect:
I’ll be branding a ‘product’ named Face – based on the concept that girls’ makeup is more like a mask they hide behind, this product is essentially ‘quick makeup’ that girls can put on and take off and within seconds, their appearance changing drastically in the process.

Photography Aspect:
I shall be focusing on the photography most, simply because it is the foundation for the advertising campaign I have in mind – plus there are certain things I feel can’t be fully translated via design. I’ll be including images that represent certain aspects of my research, and some shall be solely for the purpose of supplementing the design work I will be doing.

Media Aspect:
I’m going to produce a short interview with the girls I use in my images, covering topics I’ve researched in my critical studies. This can also be viable research for both modules.

I’m looking forward to creating my outcomes!

See you soon



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