Where am I now, where do I want to be?

Good Morning! (Afternoon/Night/Evening depending where you live)

I’ve decided to start my Professional Development by looking at the first question I proposed:

Where am I now?

You see, right now I am a full time Uni student, studying Creative Practice (Design, Photography or Media), I work part time at a sushi restaurant in a busy shopping centre a 30 minuet drive from my home on a good day. I am 19, have a sister and a loving mom and dad, no grandparents and a huge family. I love anything creative – I seem to have a knack for creativity and somehow things I try for the first time turn out “okay”.
But… that is just scratching the surface.

What you just read is about me as a person – where I am in terms of my career and education… which is obviously not where I really want to stay. I found a quote online saying: “where you are now is not your end destination” and I completely agree. This isn’t my end destination, there is so much I want to improve on, so much I want to experiment with and so much I want to do with myself that it sometimes makes my head want to explode. I have so many paths open to me at the moment that I feel like I am diluted as a person, and as a brand. This is translated in my work and online presence too, everything I do isn’t focused on one area… I have a tendency to combine photography with my design, creative writing in my art and so on.

I think one of the main goals I want to achieve to get me away from where I am now, is to define myself as a brand and get myself out into the world. This is something I have been considering for a long time, though this module has opened the perfect door for me to do so without losing time on my uni work – because it will be part of my uni work!

So! What I first of all need to define is the second question:
Where do I want to be?

This is in terms (for me personally) of both my career and my personal knowledge of the creative arts. I feel that I am too spread out, so it’s time to pinpoint all the things that are going to be useful getting me to my goal, as well as what my goal actually is.

Career Path:
Ok, so when it comes to a career there are SO many options available to young graduates like myself, and this is where things get sticky for me – deciding. To get me started I’m going to write a list of things I want to do/wouldn’t mind doing as a career or a part time job (alongside a real career part time or otherwise).
. Teach English Abroad
. Teach design/art/photography in college or uni
. Author
. Freelance designer
. Freelance Photographer
. Freelance artist
. Illustrate books
. Graphic novelist
. Travel/lifestyle Blogger
. Online content creator
. Web designer
. Work in a design studio
. Work in a photography studio
. Fashion photographer
. Magazine editor

These are all of the jobs I can think of (that I’d like to do) off the top of my head, and yes some of them seem unrealistic, but it’s my job to narrow down what I think is obtainable over the course of this post.

My Identity:
As a designer?
A Photographer?
An Artist?
An Author?
A Teacher?
Maybe this helps you to see where I’m at – and why I feel this dilution. What am I selling myself as? If people click on my website what will they see? Certainly not someone who is up for freelance work, that’s for sure… as one of my tutors has said to me before… “your website looks almost like a piece of art, but if I was looking for someone to hire, I wouldn’t know what it is exactly your selling”. These words are SO true, and I agree entirely. To see what we mean, feel free to click the link to my website:

A stable, reputable job:
Okay, so let’s be honest… no one person can do the amount of jobs I listed under Career Path… so what is it I want from my future job?
. I want flexibility, the ability to work full time, part time, have reasonable holidays and also get maternity leave, a pension etc.
. I want creativity
. As mentioned in the title, I want stability and a good reputation
. To be able to be free and travel sometimes
. I want to enjoy the job I’m in
. Not too repetitive, something different everyday

In an ideal world, all of these things would be great, but sometimes it doesn’t work out as great, though I’m confident I’ll find a way to get what I want without making too many sacrifices.

Finishing my education?
This is scary, and the worst part about it is that most graduates don’t think about it until after they’ve left University… what now?
The last thing I want is to leave Uni and have nothing left to do but continue working part time in a restaurant until I find a better job. No. I want a set up, something in place that will help me get started in the big wide world.
The answer to finishing my education is that I do not know. Yes, I will be finishing this course in July, but whether or not the career path I choose requires further qualifications (Teaching in particular) is to be foreseen, though the point of this module is Professional Development… so it’s my job to find out.

Freelance… is it sustainable?
This is a question I have had for quite some time now, because if I decide to delve into the world of freelance, I need to know the ins and outs before I begin.
The problem I have always had with freelance work is that some months you do great, plenty of clients and therefore money – but some months, there is next to nothing. This instability is scary to me, if I have a family I want to have piece of mind that I can feed them for the years to come.
The pros of freelance that got me interested in the first place is the freedom, you work when you want to work, take which jobs you want to do and go on holiday whenever you like. I’m not silly enough to think it’s all easy like that though, I have known people be constricted in their personal life by deadlines and client hunting all because they simply need the money.
So, freelance is still a grey area for me, one that I am very interested in nonetheless. What I need to know is how it works from the inside, this can be something I will research throughout this project.

Career VS side-job:
As I have mentioned before, I want stability and freedom. However, these are not things that commonly come hand in hand when it comes to searching for a job. That is why I’ve always has this idea that I should maybe have a part time job that can easily be turned into a stable, full time career if need be – almost like a failsafe, whilst I do something else, something more adventurous on the side.
A good example of this would be teaching part time and working in a photography studio the rest of the week. It seems a little silly, but the pros of doing something like this outweigh the cons for me. It’s a possibility I can’t ignore.

What the market needs:
The thing I have to think about before jumping into anything is what the world (city more like) needs. Does it need Photographers? Designers? Teachers? Bloggers?
This is something I feel I need to research more in depth because I do not want to endeavour in something if there is no demand for it in the market.

Improving my skills:
This is where the personal side comes into things. I know that even when I choose what I want for my future, I will most likely be doing something on the side, whether it is as a hobby or freelance, and because of this I really want to improve my skills while I still can. Being in education as of now gives me this opportunity, so I need to work on the things I feel I still have margin to improve.
Below I have written a list of my skills:
From this list I have created a list of areas I would like to improve, as well as areas I enjoy the most to give me an idea of what I would enjoy continuing as a hobby:

I think these lists have given me a good starting point and grasp on what I feel I’d like to do. More on that later.

Blogging… really?
When it comes to blogging, it isn’t really considered a career and I completely understand that. When you look at some individuals who have started a blog which got super popular, you can see that it is now their career. They get enough money from doing what they love that they were able to ditch their old job and take up blogging which often leads to platforms like YouTube.
The issue I have with going with blogging as a career is that it takes time, dedication and hard work to get to the point where I can call it my career, the other thing is that nothing is guaranteed. It could be a complete failure and that’s no good if I don’t have another job or a backup plan.
The reason I have chosen to look into this is because I’ve always enjoyed all sides of creativity and documenting things online – maybe this could be the ‘hobby’ I want to keep – the skills I have and enjoy that don’t have a place in the workplace. Just maybe. I will hold this thought and maybe it will prove useful.

And finally… Who am I?
I can be anything if I really put my mind to it. That’s what I’ve always been told by those I love around me, the problem is – what do I want to become? That’s what I intend to find out throughout the course of this module 🙂 Stay tuned to discover what I’ll become:

A Designer?

A Traveller?

A Photographer?

A blogger?
Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.52.20

A Web Designer?
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 13.49.10

An Artist?
IMG_4122Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.41.21Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.41.40Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.41.11Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.41.30Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.42.02Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.41.51Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.42.09

By listening I of course mean reading… but it’s almost like listening to me rant far too much 😉

Keep updated for my full journey! Lots of love,




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