How am I going to get there?

Hello ^.^

From my indescribably HUGE mess of a rant about life last post, I have managed to (after some intense, personal thinking) get an idea of what I want in life and best of all, how I’m going to get there.

For my career I feel there are a few paths I can go that would really satisfy my needs for the future, alongside my creativity. The following list is a narrowed down version of the career list:
. Teach English Abroad
. Teach design/art/photography in college or uni
. Author
. Freelance designer
. Travel/lifestyle Blogger
. Web designer
. Work in a design studio

I feel the above is a very suitably sized list considering the size of my other one… lol. But it is still a little big. Here is my thinking on each of these:

Teach English Abroad:
This is something that accommodates my Wanderlust aswell as my desire for a stable job. I do like English as a subject and teaching is very high on the list of my desired careers. All in all, this is a good option except for the fact that I don’t feel quite ready to leave Sheffield yet. While I still have all of the comforts of Home at my disposal, I feel like I want to work in England (more specifically Sheffield) for at least a couple of years before I break ties here and wander elsewhere. For this reason alone, I am not going to focus on this option, I shall leave it for later life.

Teach Design/Art/Photography:
Teaching in a College, Sixth Form or University is something I feel I would want to do… teaching young people, not so much because they do not specialise in a certain area – I prefer the idea of tutoring people who actually chose to take my class and want to be there as a consequence.
For the debate of whether I should teach Art, Design or Photography is pretty simple – go with the demand and what is easiest for me. Sure to say Design is the best way forward, firstly because after speaking with a tutor at my college, I discovered there is a demand for Design tutors at least in my institution, which means there may be this same demand elsewhere too. Secondly because it is what I have spent the past two (soon to be three) years studying intently and I’d love to pass on what I know – you see Design is technical, whereas Art and Photography are more about having ‘the eye for it’, and in my experience, you can’t teach a person to have an eye for a particular subject as easily as you can teach them the software to get them where they need to be.
As for the whole ‘part time job that can be turned into a full time, reliable career’, this fits the bill perfectly. Hence why this is very high on my list of possibilities right now.

Considering I already have half a book written as well as a passion for writing, I could well take this up as a career. However, it isn’t stable enough for me and I feel that having it as a pass time (pick bits up every now and then) is enough for me.
The reasoning behind this is simple – if a book I publish out of my spare time does well… Great! I can pack up my already stable job and continue writing. But if a book I publish as my full time job does badly – that leaves me with nothing to fall back on.
That’s why I am disregarding this idea for this module because having this in my spare time is more than enough for me.

Work in a Design Studio:
I’m still “umming and ahing” about this one, the reason is because I have worked in a Design studio before… and I hated it with a passion. However, I know all designers are not the same and I feel I need to get myself out there and experience different places as this would be a great pt.2 to run alongside my teaching job, it’d keep my creative side flowing while I work as a teacher.

Freelance Designer:
Now this is an interesting one… It has always sparked my interest, however I don’t know much about it – so that is going to be my job! Find out more about this, and if it is what I’m looking for, maybe it can replace Working in a Design Studio as pt.2 to my teaching job.

Travel/Lifestyle Blogger:
Again, like the auther option, I feel this is perfect for my free time. The only reason I have written this on here is because I would like to have an outlet for my creativity, a purpose for my photography which is oh so dear to my heart. The thing is, I know there is not that many jobs for photographers out there, so I want to do something with my photographs that isn’t a job. Hence this blog idea that also combines my love for travel.

Web Designer:
Now halt… a Web Designer goes hand in hand with a freelance designer, so I’m going to class these two jobs as one from now – A Freelance Designer & Web Artist… maybe 🙂 Theres always a demand for both out there, which is a very good thing.

So from this I have the idea of either:
. Part time teacher, freelance web/designer
. Part time teacher, work in a Design company
Both with a bit of free time blogging on the side.

I’m pretty happy with this conclusion, now I have to answer the question:
How am I going to get there?

Find out next post!

Thankyou for reading,




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