Year 3 – Critical Studies/Creative Practice?

Good afternoon!

So the third year has finally begun! (And yes I have had a lot of these posts as drafts since September haha) We have been given our first project which is an exciting yet beefy one, and by beefy I mean 5000 words of pure beef.

We have pretty much been given free reign of this project which is always nice – and my first goal (when the 4 weeks of lectures comes to an end) is to find a topic that suits me from which I am to create a timescale, essay proposal and a (beefy) essay. After this ‘half’ has been completed, we will also create a physical outcome in the form of either Video/Media, Photography or Design because you guessed it, we are now Creative Practice students… not so much Designers… which suits me just fine as I am quite a multimedia individual and I LOVE including a bit of everything in my studies and outcomes 😀

Below is the Module Criteria in case you are interested what we have as a starting point:

“This module aims to develop the critical, analytical and reflective appreciation of creative practice by exploring the ways in which they present philosophical themes, questions and issues in relation to your own creative practice. Through the viewing, discussion and analysis of a range of graphic, photographic and audio-visual artefacts from a variety of cultural perspectives, you will be encouraged to develop and synthesise critical and contextual understanding of the ways in which creative arts can explore current issues with awareness of historical and potential developments. The module fosters an autonomous ethos that allows flexibility in both study rationale and content and encourages you to work flexibly and independently.”

To conclude this third year introduction, I am very excited about the freedom we have and what experimentation is to come.
Thank You for reading and keep up with the blog if you’d like to see where another year at University takes me.



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