Critical Studies Topic? What areas would I like to focus my outcome on?

Hello there 🙂

As explained in my previous post, we have been given a lot of freedom with this project – “do an essay and outcome on whatever topic you like” is basically what we are doing, which is very exciting. I could be tedious and bore you with subjects such as how much I love cats, what I like about winter or how I manage to burn every mealI ever cook… what I’m trying to say is the spectrum is broad – endless in fact. So endless that I could write 5000 words on something as small as a flea and still (possibly..) get a grade.

As daunting as this sounds, I am going to take full advantage of this by looking into something that interests me greatly and will help evolve my understanding of a certain topic into greater depth.

Starting Point:
To begin with, I have taken a lot of inspiration from four lectures we had at the beginning of the term. I have compiled the subject matter I collected in a note pad as images below, just so you can get a brief understanding of this starting point:

To summarise the above images for all those who don’t feel like reading the whole thing (which I don’t blame you), we basically looked at the topics Semiotics & Symbolism, Censorship, Representation, Ideology and ‘Orientalism’. From these lectures I have drawn knowledge I wouldn’t previously thought about when it comes to our society and the messages hidden within it.

The first subjects that have captured my attention are Censorship, the idea of removing something from the view of certain groups of people/social media platforms etc – rather like hiding something, and secondly, Representation has caught my attention, albeit less so than Censorship.

I have decided that I need to know more about myself and my goals, what I would like to get out of this project on a personal level before delving into the endless topics all up for my choosing.
To begin this, I have written down in a list everything I feel I have some degree of skill/interest in, I have ‘stolen’ this list from my Professional Development module because the starting point for this module was similar to what I’m looking for in this particular post.

Above are some of the creative fields I feel I have some amount of skill in, and thus will be able to produce a suitable outcome in these areas. Though the point of this was to figure out my weaknesses and what I would like to improve on, so strengths aside:

Because the physical outcome of this project has to have a suitable link to the topic I choose, I have noted how I would like to further broaden my skill set, and also my portfolio. Because this is Creative Practice, I feel a lot more free in the sense that I can explore different media and ways of portraying the same subject matter.

That concludes this post,

Next I shall be researching a little more in depth at the different subjects I may choose.

Thank You for reading, and see you in the next post!



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