The Truck & The App

One of the main points of this whole idea is to have a traveling blood unit that goes to colleges and universities all around Great Britain and parks at the entrance so students and teachers can give blood.
One of the things that will entice students that haven’t already seen the heart epidemic on Facebook, is the design of the truck itself:

The logic behind this is as follows: What attracts moneyless students? Free stuff… and food. Being a student myself, I can vouch for this sad fact. So not only will donors get their Facebook heart, they will get free food and drink and also I thought about having a prize draw where donors have the choice to write their names onto a red piece of paper and drop it into a giant, heart shaped blood bag for the chance to win the grand prize.

Last but not least I decided to design the app that donors can download with their unique donor number, this app lets people keep track of how many people they have saved, also their appointments, where the traveling van is going next, NHS contact, appointment booking and more.

Iphone App.jpg

Keep an eye out for the project overview in the next post!

Until then,



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