Doodles, Logos & the Concept


After creating my core concept for this brief I picked 4 logo designs to make very quick, paint style mock ups of. This is basically to get an idea of the colours and how the logo fits together when not in sketch form.

image1 (1).JPG

These mock-ups are all similar, accept from the heart which happens to be my favourite. I think I am going to choose this one because of the concept I have created – mainly because when it comes to the Facebook part, I shall need a heart for this all to work and in my opinion, this will work perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 18.14.48.png
After making this decision for the WBDD logo, I began to play around with the shape of the logo, attempting different hearts, blood droplets and colours as you can see below. I used Adobe Illustrator for all of this process.



And here is the finished result:


Again, I decided to keep this heart very simple as I find one of the things that makes a lot of Health Organization logos so unappealing is how complex and overcrowded they are, making it hard to pinpoint the important information in the orginization or simply putting you off them all together.
The goal of my logo is to appeal to younger audiences and to look good within the social media marketing plan I have.

Because the whole point of this brief is to convince young people to donate blood, having this kind of modern, minimal logo is an important step. Also, having a reward for coming (in this case a cup of tea, biscuits, the app and a code for your Facebook blood heart) is of peak importance. This is when I began designing the tea and biscuit packaging.

While creating the mug, tea strainer and biscuit packaging I kept in mind to keep the WBDD logo on all of the packaging to promote consistency and also, to show that WBDD is in part of the travelling blood campaign. Below you can see the screenshots of both editing processes, feel free to browse these – it involved Photoshop and Illustrator and a lot of the Liquify, Pen, Perspective Warp, Brush, Eraser and Layer mask tools.

The hardest was probably working with the biscuit packaging because of the spherical shape, here is the before and after (please note the top image is not my design, the bottom one is)
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.35.50
Now for the mug and tea strainer design:
Hearty Cuppa.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this section, I shall be continuing in the next post 🙂
See you next time!



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