WBDD – The Concept

A little further on in the developmental stage I have managed to filter out a lot of the unnecessary ideas and have focused on the one to do with travelling to the actual donors location, this is particularly good for the younger audience because it erases the effort of having to go to a location. Also having a gift for donating and an app to keep you in the loop is great because it will make the youngsters feel like they are doing something good and will have a constant reminder.
The first section to this is brainstorms and rough sketches for the WBDD logo which I don’t plan to finish until I have the concept worked out completely because I may choose to change or include something from the concept and work it over to the logo itself.
Photo on 21-04-2016 at 10.00

Here in this development segment is a few ideas for the App I am planning to create, as you can see above there are to be many features all aimed at keeping the donor well in the loop of how their blood is helping people get better, again, influenced by a ranking system to enforce people’s competitive nature and supplemented with rewards when reaching a certain point from the government.

For a brief such as this one that deals with something of urgency, I feel there is more to reeling people in than just creating enticing visuals – there needs to be an aspect of reward for the participants and also, something that will get more and more people on board. One of the best ways to do this in my opinion is through the ever expanding horizon of social media.
A perfect example of people pulling together via social media is when the bombings happened in Paris. This tragic event brought on an entourage of people using France’s flag as an overlay on their profile picture to show their respect, support and condolences to the victims of terrorism. Though it is a vile and tragic event, it ultimately showed how powerful the influence of Facebook is. My hypothesis is that part of the reason this worked so well is because of people asking questions – “why do you have the French flag on your profile picture?” is a simple enough question, though the answer only spreads this ‘trend’ (bad word to use as it is symbolic of people’s respect) even faster, almost like you are HEARTLESS for not having this overlay.
Apologies for the capitals but my brain works so that words inspire things – this thing being a heart icon on your Facebook page that only shows up if you’ve given blood. Similar to the Paris Incident, only possibly a heart shape that is related to the WBDD logo and if you don’t have a heart on your profile, you are ‘heartless’ in a sense – not aiding those in need when you are able.
Below are mine and my sister’s profile pictures with the France Flag overlay.
Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 23.05.24Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 23.04.54

Below are just a few more of my doodles, these outline clearer the bullet points of my concept, the main components that will bring together the visual idea:


Thankyou for viewing! I will continue the development in the next post 🙂


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