World Blood Donor Day

One of the final projects for year 2 is named “Young Blood” set by Rare Creative, a design agency based in good o’l Sheffield.
The brief is as follows:
“Life is short, for some too short. There’s an every-growing demand for blood donation. By donating blood you will help save and transform the lives of desperately ill people.” The final requirements are one of the following:
. Leaflet
. Handout
. Donor Card
. Website Homepage
. Storyboard

Mandatory Requirements:
. Blog/pdf of research and design development showing how and why your campaign developed how it did.
. Create branding for “World Blood Donation Day”
. Come up with an advertising campaign that encourages people to become donors. Your creative solution should have a minimum of three different visuals.

All of the above is the criteria. From this point I started researching branding for WBDD and many other donation companies in England particularly as this is where I am aiming for the campaign.

Below are some blood and non blood related campaigns that I find quite impactful – it’s less about the imagery in some cases and more about the meaning behind the actual advertisement. Something I have noticed though is that it’s near impossible to get the message of blood across without the use of red, unless of course you are using typography that directly shouts about the topic.
I particularly like the “DON’T BE SUCH A WUSS” – I think it’s rather impactful and gets the message across quite nicely.

This is the part when I started brainstorming –
Basically here I am coming up with quotes that could be interesting for an advertisement or billboard, even a slogan or internet advertisement. I thought about using photography and typography as a visual medium to portray these but I think both could be a little stereotypical.

Photo on 21-04-2016 at 09.58

So first off I began by brainstorming different quotes that are aimed at young and audiences to pull at the heart strings. Both typographical responses and visual proposals were created as you can see above.

Photo on 21-04-2016 at 09.59

This second image consists of some fact hunting for the purpose of having factual information and shocking truths present in my response – as well as more quotes and visual responses that I may choose to use or may not.

Photo on 21-04-2016 at 09.5


Thankyou for viewing this section of early development. I shall continue the development on this brief in the next post 🙂


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