D&AD – The Bottle

So, the first thing I did was brainstorm about the appearance of my products now that I have the initial packaging – a blank canvas so to speak.

A good place to start was the title – I looked in my trusty 1000 Fonts book for an idea of what would look good for the appearance I’m aiming for. I compiled a list of some that I liked before venturing onto Font Squirrel and Dafont to look further.

Photo on 16-02-2016 at 10.51

Photo on 22-02-2016 at 17.23


In the end I decided to narrow down the list and write them all out, just to get a general feel for them:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.20.07

After more sketches and brainstorming regarding the layout of my bottles, also whether or not my products would have a logo, I came to the conclusion that I wanted my brand to be purely typographical. The reason behind this is mainly because of simplicity, I explained this in a previous post.

Photo on 22-02-2016 at 17.23 #3

Photo on 22-02-2016 at 17.23 #2

And with this, my product began to take shape. In the picture below I am showing how I played around with different fonts, sizes and arrangements. I did a few mock-ups of the logos I came up with, though I much prefer the simple appearance of the logotype itself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.49.12.png

There are some screenshots below of the type kerning process, also a couple of my layout ideas, as well as a spelling mistake I corrected – I put OY YOU instead of OI YOU… which could have been a little disastrous.

I was becoming happier with the layout, still something didn’t quite sit right with me and after a short discussion with my tutor, we managed to pinpoint what.
The concept of “OI YOU” is all okay, it just doesn’t look quite right on the bottles themselves – I am reluctant to change the font because I feel it sits right with the other 3 fonts, so eventually it was decided to drop the “OI”. Not only did this clear up the layout a lot, but it got rid of the issue that “OI” could be mistaken for “O-I, 01” or something similar – also the fact that it could sound a little “trampy” as my Mother said (lol).

Below is the difference:

Personally I think it looks a lot cleaner and balanced.

Looking and addressing the cons of my products:
Glass bottles could smash against tiles – solution is that the product will be made with a plastic, glass hybrid that doesn’t break.
Liquid won’t come out if you can’t squeeze it – that’s why the liquids are just that, liquids that aren’t very viscous and will easily flow from the bottles.
Flowers will rot – they are fermented, containing extra benefits and also lasting for a long time.

Thankyou for reading 🙂


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