D&AD – Baking the Idea

The Brief:
“Break new ground in beauty branding”

My Response:
A company that focuses on personalised medication aimed at all audiences, prescription medicine too.

Specifics/selling points of this company:
– Uses natural Ingredients
– Vegan
– Dermatologist Tested
– For Everyone

I have outlined the style that I want to adopt for this project, the first thing I did was sketched out lots of ideas as you can see below:

I decided to go with glass bottles, the reason being so that the whole “no secrets, no surprises” theme I have going. Glass represents total transparency, like my brand itself. Using boiling tubes and other scientific looking bottles is one idea I was close to going with… The issue was that I didn’t realise quite how illusive/expensive scientific equipment is, so I did what most people would do in this situation and bought a suspiciously large quantity of alcohol from my local Morrisons. Needless to say the old lady behind me thought I was an alcoholic judging on her concerned glances.


Trauma aside, I did what any alcoholic would do with this much drink and poured it all down the sink. *Pats self on back*
I then removed any labelling and metal casings, leaving the bare bottles themselves as you can see from the images below.


Upon looking through many different brands of cosmetics, I chose to have clear liquid represent my concoctions, thus sticking to the theme of transparency and pure, natural ingredients.
As mentioned in my previous post, there is always the issue of certain things being associated with males and females, I found that flowers are one of these items in particular. To challenge myself a little I want to include flowers somewhere either in the branding of my beauty brand or within the products themselves. I sort of strayed away from the idea in fear of it looking too feminine until I came across Flower Beards. Holy crap why do I find these so cool, attractive and manly? No clues but that pretty much sealed the deal. I chose not to be scared of marking schemes and go with my gut – flowers are the most natural form of beauty and they hold so many benefits so why rule them out?
Fermented flowers are used in quite a few (mainly Korean) cosmetics (see this link) and I love the idea.

So I visited my local florist and bought a large bunch of berries, branches and flowers that were all different colours and possessed a fresh, beneficial look to them. These will act as my fermented flower ingredient within the product itself.
On to the pictures!
So I set up my lights and did a couple of test shots with different backgrounds as you can see below. In the end I decided to go with white as it emphasizes the colours of each plant alongside the edges of the bottles the most. To give the bottles that black rim I put two sheets of card underneath my studio lights and at each side of the bottles.

And there is the result, unedited of course:





Thankyou for reading ^.^


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