D&AD – Ideas & Development

The Brief:
“Break new ground in beauty branding”

After the brainstorms & research in Post 1 and Post 2, I have decided to do a little more brainstorming for ideas before settling on a topic and with a more grounded understanding of how the beauty market works I feel the decisions I am making are right.

Below is the first set of Ideas I had. They are as follows:
. A company that focuses on personalised medication aimed at all audiences, prescription medicine too.
. A beauty brand with ‘no packaging’ – to be named “out of the box”
. Quite a humorous brand that addresses the issue your trying to fight

Name Ideas:
Inside Out
Out of the box
Your ______
Acne/Dark Circles/Dry Skin (the area the product combats)

Photo on 03-02-2016 at 09.38 #2

Ruling Out Ideas:
Seems though the aim of my beauty brand is to include everyone and not aim the product at a specific gender, age etc I have chosen to rule out the “sharp”, humorous idea because quite frankly there are a number of people I know who wouldn’t dream of buying a product that is advertising their specific issue. This is unintentionally ruling out older, more straight laced people also as many middle aged/older people are a little too mature for this kind of humour. Also some individuals may be insulted in some ways by this kind of branding. For example if this creme is to combat stretch marks and was named “STRETCH MARKS” I can’t imagine many people would want to advertise to the world that they have stretch marks – regardless of whether or not the product would work or not, many of people would’ve been turned away before they even had a chance to try it. The development for this idea is below:

Photo on 03-02-2016 at 09.39 #2
I researched different words that would be less offensive but I still stand by the point I made before about ruling out people/offending people before they even have a chance to see if this product works for them.
Though it is humorous and clever maybe for the young adult audience, I still feel it is contradicting the whole point of this brief a little bit.

The second idea I had was to create a product that doesn’t have packaging/that breaks free of the stereotypical packaging – quite literally. Though I think this is a decent idea, I still don’t feel like it is really hitting the whole issue the beauty industry is causing correctly – yes this product would almost be ‘bursting out’ of the usual, stereotypical packaging (thus stigmas attached to it), but it would still contain an essence of the type of marketing I am trying to avoid entirely.
I eventually decided to rule out this idea because of how unpractical it is – also it wouldn’t be environmentally friendly to mass produce packaging that essentially is two packages in one.

The final idea:

I have finally settled on the idea of having a customisable beauty brand that isn’t consumer specific.

Photo on 03-02-2016 at 09.39

May favourite names are Human, You/U and Your (insert product name).
Which of these I will end up choosing I’m not yet sure, I might even use more than one, first as the company name (who manufactures the products) and the other as the name of the product itself, of course this will change depending on the product itself.

I began looking into different product packaging that doesn’t hold any gender stereotypes on my Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 10.23.49.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 10.24.06.png

From extensive searching and researching I have come t the conclusion that I’ll be creating quite a simple looking brand – I have collected some examples of bottles & packaging that I really like for this topic, these aren’t all beauty products – see below:

Most of the above don’t really fit into a specific category and I like that about them. I want my brand to give off the same simplistic yet sophisticated, genderless vibes.

When it comes to brands I know that aren’t really that gender specific, Simple and Nivea come to mind. There is a screenshot of Nivea’s website below, as you’ll see from the link Nivea still had mens and women’s categories of skincare which is what I’m trying to avoid.
Their website isn’t the look I’m going for though I wanted to point out how their use of colour and font makes them almost seem like a unisex brand – though they have separate categories of course.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 18.13.18.png

As I mentioned before I wanted to keep all animal products out of this line so I took a quick look at Vegan product packaging from food to skincare.
What I found was green – plants… the same kind of marketing repeated throughout everything marketing themselves as Vegan. As an addition to this, a lot of companies are so focused on marketing their “Vegan, cruelty free” produce that they’re almost clouding over the real benefits/goals of their products.
The conclusion of this research is I’m going to avoid shoving that my product is “VEGAN” in people’s faces (because believe it or not, this turns people away – my mother being one of these people) and focus on the main benefits/functions of the products I’ll be branding. Alpro is a vegan food company, their branding is below:
(I don’t have anything against Vegan produce I just don’t like most – not all – of the marketing as it aims at a narrow part of the population by making it seem like it’s only for vegans, not for regular people.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.18.43.png


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