D&AD Project Brief

D&AD New Blood Awards are an awarding body that offer the Pencil awards, one of the most well known, well respected awards in the design world today. Our brief is to pick a brief, any brief, as long as it is from a competition.
I have chosen D&AD, there are a total of 17 briefs to choose from in the new blood awards, below you can see a screenshot of the ones I narrowed it down to.
I was interested in the subject matter of a few other briefs but the reason I didn’t pick a lot of those is because I don’t like how we have to portray them, Dazed and Dr. Martians are a good example of this as they use video and radio, though I like video I’m not keen on the vine-like way it sounds like it needs to be presented. Same with radio, it interests me however I don’t feel I could do as well as some of the other briefs.
Photo on 03-02-2016 at 09.38.jpg

Finally I had narrowed my search down to two briefs – Monotype and Design Bridge.
After careful consideration I decided to go for the Design Bridge brief, not because I’m a girl and I like makeup (okay maybe a little bit) but because I think it’s a well rounded brief that offers more opportunity and room to breathe than some of the others.

The Brief:
“Break new ground in beauty branding”
So basically we have been challenged to create a beauty brand and packaging that completely opposes the way beauty is seen and marketed today. The goal is to include anybody into our brand’s target audience and exclude all stereotypes.

In the following posts I shall be researching this topic and beginning to create a response.
Thankyou for reading and enjoy the coming project 🙂



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