After I chose Tokyo I began looking at new avenues of approach when it came to designing my brand to fit Tokyo as a whole, as you can see below, I listed a lot of things the city is famous/known for. Not only that, but I did some research into Tokyo’s history. The links for my research sources can be found below the images:

My favourite part about Tokyo is the seasons and how they are precious to Tokyo’s people, how almost everything is respected including the people. Red is a very prominent colour in Japan – Tokyo being the forefront of amazing decorations and historical buildings, most of which showing red. I have come to the conclusion that I would like red to be a promenant colour within my design – the reason being that Japan values the colour greatly, also it is part of the Japanese flag  (see below)

As for the aesthetics of red, it is eye-catching, making sure my brand stands out above others.


Red is generally called aka(赤) in Japanese. There are many traditional shades of red. The Japanese gave each shade of red its own elegant name in the old days. Shuiro (vermilion), akaneiro (madder red), enji (dark red), karakurenai (crimson) and hiiro (scarlet) are among of them.

I plan to use the incentive to “revaluate yourself” and “experience something different” as a selling point – this will encourage people to see what other cultures are like and to look at their views from a slightly different perspective.

Product Launch Ideas
When it comes to creating a brand, launching it is extremely important. If the launch is nothing special and goes un noticed, there is a higher chance that nobody will pay attention to the addition you have created.
The aim is to create ties to the brand – to make people feel almost attached instantly to the brand.
One way I have thought to do this is via billboards and TV advertisements, though that is a little common.
Something a little more personal could be a giveaway in partnership with an airline and different hotels/tours around the Tokyo area (using the new brand of Tokyo of course), promoting not only Tokyo’s local businesses and airlines, but also the new brand too.
To reach overseas, holiday TV adverts could work, also for already visiting tourists, billboards/posters could be placed as an official welome to Tokyo.

I have been to several different travel agencies in search of their travel guides to different parts of the world. What I think they were lacking is colour, vibrancy and images.
The few that did contain an abundance of large scale images were so much more intriguing and fell together better than those without. Even if the images were small, I didn’t feel the same vibe as the ones with large images of certain areas which were hard to come by.


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