Branding Report – Cities

I have chosen to brand Tokyo as my City.
The reason behind this is because I feel Tokyo has the most interesting and complex culture out of the cities I looked into – something I value when choosing a topic for design, the deeper a topic is, the more I can pick and choose the areas that suit me the best.

My brand is Tokyo.
Before I focus on creating this brand, I have decided to research into existing city design alongside the theoretical side of designing a brand for a city as large as Tokyo.
Something I have to remember is that this brand is something I am selling to an audience of all ages. It needs to speak many words without having too much of a complicated appearance, yet intricate enough to stand out amongst the crowd. Customers stay loyal to a brand because they get attached to the way it looks, or more specifically, the way it looks on them. If I can captivate the love of my audience through making the brand something to be proud of, it will be a lot easier to reach new audiences as they will be more likely to share this with other humans. This brand loyalty is something that is harder to do with a city, though if I can embrace all of Tokyo’s culture in a visually appealing way I might be able to achieve this love.
A great example of this is the ‘I Love NY’ or ‘Iamsterdam’ – both of these are my favourite examples of city branding that has a fiercely loyal brand audience.

Both of these are typographic. I agree with their styles and colour schemes as they attract attention easily while still looking stylish.
Potential buyers or clients make the decision on whether to try a brand based (at first glance) on it’s appearance, colour scheme and it’s visuals, much like we subconsciously look at a person’s face and make a judgement before we get to know them. It’s similar to branding, that’s why  my Tokyo brand has to strike people as something they can relate to.

To build a brand from the ground up I have to focus on what the audience are looking for and in this case, it is a mixture of culture, traditional Tokyo, modern Tokyo, culture, area’s values, simplicity (easy to read/recognise) and eye-catching colour scheme. In a way all of these brand values are reflecting the people of Tokyo themselves, not just the city.
To include all of the following, I think typography will fit the best. The travel guide I am creating would benefit from said typographic style because it is eye-catching, simple and stylish so it can easily be ‘shared’ on merchandise and the like that won’t look tacky.



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