The Caribbean

There are thousands of islands that are part of the island countries of the broadly defined Caribbean region: Anguilla has 21; Antigua-and-Barbuda has 37; Aruba (4); Barbados (2, formerly 3 but Pelican Island is now absorbed into Barbados through land reclamation, 1956–1961); Belize (many); British Virgin Islands (43); Cayman Islands (12); Cuba (23); Dominica (7); Dominican Republic (2); Grenada (39); Guadeloupe (38); Haiti (12); Honduras (6); Jamaica (26); Martinique (50); Montserrat (3); Netherlands Antilles (25, this includes half of Saint Martin); Puerto Rico (142); Saint Barthélemy (13); Saint Kitts-and-Nevis (20); Saint Lucia (17); Saint Martin (8); Saint Vincent-and-the-Grenadines (39); Trinidad-and-Tobago (21); and United States Virgin Islands (81).

The Caribbean is best known (to me anyway) for it’s fashion. The dresses they wear are simply beautiful, eye-catching and they express a sense of dancing, freedom, happiness and passion all through a simple glance. For a traditional dress code that expresses so much energy there are more toned down dresses also, those that are worn everyday tend to follow this lead a little more. Head dresses are also popular, whether they are for festival purposes (in this case they are bright and very eye-catching) or simple headscarfs.

8-314-6.traditionaldress.m Caribana_2010sb10065027ai-001234cce4918078060cbac282600e4eebc 04480e4eb476cdbbbe5a73d028d0c370 12834_9fb493e477083d013d06449cb486e7e1 689267397 Seu harvest festival in Willemstad Curacao, Netherlands AntillesMan in traditional dress , Tarabuco market , near Sucre , Bolivia5767585067_dcc238b9fa_bIMG_1361

The architecture style is quite simple, I like how some parts of their buildings are colourful whereas other parts are made of more toned down materials, they are rather angular, not many rounded shapes to be seen.

barracoon home1    winter-2011-real-life-caribbean-magazine-1153

Overall I think the style of art within the Caribbean resembles the style of clothing in the sense that it’s very bright and eye-catching with more of a homely feel to it.

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