1. As an ecozone, Oceania includes all of Micronesia, Fiji, and all of Polynesia except New Zealand. New Zealand, along with New Guinea and nearby islands, part of Philippines islands,Australia, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia, constitute the separate Australasian ecozone.

Oceania’s architecture is very much in sync with the natural flow of the environment, a common feature being thatched roofs and the use of wood to create different features of the buildings. In quite a few instances I have observed the use of wooden carving within buildings, I think this makes them have a graceful air about them and sets them apart from other buildings.


The clothing (traditional) within Oceania differs depending on which country we look at, there is a contrast between toned down colours and bright colours (usually red or yellows), creating a very unique look. There are quite a few angular patterns visible, then at the other end of the spectrum there is the floral appearance adopted by countries such as New Zealand and Australia. Making use of the natural resources available seems to be common in the hotter regions of Oceania where using things such as palm trees for skirts can be often seen.

776f42f9817c94172053d741fb18dd41Arthur_James_Iles_-_Maori_women,_New_Zealand_-_Google_Art_Project_(431444)philippines-0034507376-3x2-940x627b3985592cb59cf74d9de9e5511875a8cphilippines-0023young-Maoir-women-in-traditional-dress-New-Zealand8c86f46b-a25e-442a-9f90-422f6ebb9554.Zamboanga_Yakan Weaving Village_Textiles 065

The art style I see the most commonly within this region of the planet revolves around circular patterns and dots. There are many differentiations on this however as you can see below, the paintings are not limited to canvas, they are applied amongst a wide range of traditional weapons, cutlery and even face paint. The carvings within the wooden masks also resemble some face painting, also this reminds me of some of the wooden carved columns within Oceania’s architecture.

18f094491ad3bc44c5c36db53cb6445d    8750956_orig  aboriginal_art_roo4       download Detail of Maori Carving images maoricarving1 oceania_2825073b philippine_mythology__bakunawa__i__and_haliya__j__by_binibinieyebagstotz-d4zbpog

The Impression I get from most of Oceania is that it’s very rich and green, surrounded by a lot of pure nature. This really shows up in the different aspects of each country and I think it makes for a very nature-related appearance which intrigues me greatly.




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