Eastern Europe

  1. In this collection, the following ten countries were classified as Eastern Europe: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

The architecture within Eastern Europe varies from country to country, though mostly stone is used. The contrast between building styles is really interesting, most structures are of neutral colours, then there are some really flamboyant and vibrant buildings sprinkled throughout the majority. It really makes for an interesting contrast.

_DSC8356Picture13-Muzeul-satului-Curtisoara-301Picture13-Muzeul-satului-Curtisoara-31pochozersky-church-arkhangelsk-russia-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The style of art is pretty much the same throughout Eastern Europe they seem to have many traditional, realistic oil paintings of rich families alongside brightly coloured patterns that resemble mandalas. These patterns are painted amongst many different items, below you can see a box bearing these patterns as well as eggs. I have noticed these eggs scattered throughout my research into Eastern Europe, if I choose Eastern Europe to research in further depth I would like to find out what these represent. There are a lot of pieces that are carved from wood by hand, such as decorative spoons, bowls, sculptures, dolls and much more. Russian dolls are a prime example of both woodwork and the bright painting style in one, they really are something unique to Eastern Europe.


The clothing within Eastern Europe reminds me of that within Germany (I witnessed this on my holiday) They consist of beautiful fabrics of neutral (mainly) colours, embellished with different brightly coloured features.


Below is a map of Eastern Europe.



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