Art Nouveau and The Pre Raphaelites

When it comes to styles of art, I have quite a few favourites. However, there are two that I like the most that originated within the European Union. If I go through all of the art styles from within the European Union, I am 100% sure I will bounce right back to my two favourites (as I did when researching this topic a few years back for A-Level).
My two styles of choice are:
Pre Raphaelite
Art Nouveau

The third one I would’ve chosen to look at is covered in the ASIA post (Japanese art) though I cover this in some depth within my ‘Asia’ post.

Art Nouveau 
Art Nouveau began back in the 1800’s in London and was called Jugendstil in Germany, Modernismo in Spain and Sezessionstil in Austria. It was a reaction against the historical emphasis of mid 19th century art. Unfortunately it didn’t survive WW1.

Below are some examples of Art Nouveau. The main components to achieve this unique look is to have the paintings soft and delicate with a harsh, inked line spanning their outer edge, usually a magnificent young lady with long flowing hair, angular yet flowing & distinct illustrations in the background and warm colours. These can be altered to people’s tastes and differentiating styles, though the fundamentals of this movement always remain the same, this allows a certain style to be identifiable amongst other artwork.

art_nouveau_girl_4__titled__the_candelight_reader_by_el_barbudo96-d4yzgwj 150 hdr-art-nouveau-415 AM_zordiac Mucha, Papier a Cigarettes (Job ad) 1896.jpg

Art Nouveau can also be found in furniture, the furniture is much like the art in the sense that it twists and entwines around itself – the colours are similar in some ways also, they have a kind of deeb blushing appearance to them, even when they are simply polished wood.

c3df2561348d33df537601d5930da16c 007_large bovy tumblr_mi5l56Bcdn1qzaugxo1_500

Secondary to furniture, there is also Art Nouveau architecture and interior design. The appearance of these buildings is somewhat organic with the same complicated appearance…. there is something rather eerie about these buildings and interiors that I just can’t put my finger on, it’s beautiful and moving yet somehow haunting. I hate to use such cliche words, but it really appears that elves have made these buildings.

art-nouveau-riga-stairs art-nouveau-riga-3 441a4807f7ef84985cdf0b49429fe7bc AlexandreCharpentier_DiningRoomSetOfAdienBernardInChamprosay2C201901 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 6a00e55290e7c48833015438c3e87d970c-800wi OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA victorhortastaircase

The biggest artist when it comes to Art Nouveau is definitely Alphonse Mucha. His work is the best known in this genre and I find his art truly inspiring. Another artist that is inspired by Alphonse Mucha and the Art Nouveau movement is Audrey Kawasaki, she is one of my alltime favourite artists and mixes Art Nouveau with Japanese Manga which I cover in my Asia post, for me this is the perfect mixture of styles with stunning results. Below are my research pages for both of these artists (please not this is my work):


I have created a painting in the style of Alphonse, though never actually got around to finishing it. My unfinished painting is below:IMG_4122MOVING ON!

Pre Raphaelite

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in 1848 by a collection of English artists, critics and poets, finally amounting to 7 members.

The style of Pre Raphaelite is beautiful, all of the paintings are simply elegant but with a unique twist to them, they’re different from the typical art you’d see around that period. Sadly the Pre Raphaelite period didn’t last long or get very widespread.
Below are examples of Pre Raphaelite work:

rossetti_2327293b John_William_Waterhouse_The_Lady_of_Shalott ©1997 Adobe Systems Incorporated Dreamers 505px-Waterhouse-gather_ye_rosebuds-1909 Waterhouse_Key-009_1426480i (c) Bristol Museum and Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation HughesOpheliaC1865ToledoA Web Frank Cadogan Cowper: Vanity, 1907. Ophelia 1851-2 by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896

One of the things that stands out a lot to me is the hair, the way it is painted makes it look so beautiful and flowing, also the clothes used for the women in these paintings are similarly flowing and even if they don’t appear to be expensive, they are truly painted to look stunning and finish the elegant appearance. The overall impression I get from these pieces or art is that they are very serene, almost to a whimsical extent where the girls within the pictures look purely beautiful and at peace with the environment. Click the following link for a list of Pre Raphaelite paintings:

Another thing I find quite common is the influence of Pre Raphaelite within modern day photography – below are some examples of this:

1664ccf82ace8b7bebf53c2c8743dab3 1383083875_IMG_2555 47b4027d6cd0406d20109b2b7773c0ca 45053-the-pre-raphaelite-bubble-portrait job_1772 8c2496a2869177bbd4ac6c55a40ad5f5 0ba5a2bd1446730b6254fef612dc2426 lategan1 tumblr_kwzzp04Gby1qz9qooo1_500 vtyQ9 b909f3ed15f892d4307b090c48dae224

Below I have created a research page for the Pre Raphaelite movement:


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