The Main Advertisement

As my concept says I have chosen 8 celebrities, 8 charities and 8 non-words. I want to include a variety of advertisements and advertisement styles, not just one compulsive one in different places. Of course I still want my adverts to look like they belong to the same company so the same colours, fonts and maybe even a few of the same images will be used.

Variant 1 advertisement includes the 8 images of the celebrities with their faces blurred out, the You’ve Been Tagged’ logo and the hashtag #clickandfindout. I chose this design with blurred faces and eye catching writing because it keeps people wondering what the blurs are whilst the text gives them something else to wonder about.

YBT Blur small

Writing “you’ve been tagged” aims the advertisements at the reader, making it feel personal to them. I think this illusion that the advertisement is directed towards them specifically adds to the effect of wanting to know more. This curiosity developed from the adverts appearance is then furthered by the ‘#clickandfindout” because it makes them want to really click and find out what they might be missing.


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