Acorn & the General Demographic

The General Demographic in relation to Advertising.

What is the Demographic?

Demographic is basically different ‘sectors’ of the population. It is fitting people into categories such as the younger and the older age demographic, it can be based on just about anything from race to postcodes, age, male to female and many more.


Demographics are often represented in graphs and pie charts, as you can see above. In relation to advertising choosing and knowing your demographics is very important – as long as you know who your targeting within the population, you can taylor your advertisements to the specific needs of that certain demographic.
Above is an example of ‘splitting’ the population into demographics. Here it is based on race, the different segments of the pie chart represent the different demographics, for every company who researches demographics in relation to their campaign targets, their charts will look different depending on who they aim to target.

picture-1 sport_advertising_31 experts-say-fruity-flavored-malt-booze-is-appealing-to-young-kids

The above advertisements have all been aimed at very different demographics – the companies producing them would’ve most likely done plenty of research on the general demographic before creating these.

There are certain ways to research demographics, one of which is a tool called Acorn developed and created by the CACI (IT Solutions).

What is ACORN?

Acorn is basically a consumer classification that segments the UK population. By analysing demographic data, social factors, population and consumer behaviour, it provides precise information and an understanding of different types of people. Acorn provides valuable consumer insight helping you target, acquire and develop profitable customer relationships and improve service delivery. The Acorn tool can be found at

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.56.27

Acorn is mainly used by businesses in both the public and private sector to help understand consumers behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle in general. Businesses also commonly use it to analyse existing and potential customers, identify profitable prospects and figure out the the specific needs of each catchment area and neighbourhood. Using Acorn unlocks information that is beneficial to selling/advertising to the right demographic.

Within advertising it is important to know your audience, using a tool such as Acorn helps you pinpoint what areas of advertisement will benefit/be most effective on certain types of people, or even certain areas. For example showing an advertisement for a razor on a children’s TV channel wouldn’t be the best way to sell a product because it’s aimed at the wrong age group. This is where knowing the demographic comes in

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 14.36.13

As demography is the scientific study of populations, the general demographic is basically a fancy way of saying the general public in a way.


Above is an example of the general demographics within a state college area, this is different to the research that would be obtained when it comes to advertising. However there are parts in which they might be similar, like the male/female or age ranges.

Thankyou for listening! ^.^


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