The Celebrities, Charities and Non-words

So! I have pretty much made my mind up on the fundamentals of this idea. I shall be mapping my idea out in the simplest way I can below – apologies in advance that it may seem a bit complicated.

The name for the company who will be hosting this competition/fundraiser that will not only raise money but will also make 8 non-words known and hopefully get into the Oxford English Dictionary is:
“You’ve Been Tagged!”
This shall be the name of the company who are the instruments to my plans for ‘Hashtag hijacking the internet‘.

First of all, I have chosen 8 celebrities to represent each word and charity. Those who will be the catalyst for raising money are as follows:
1. PewDiePie & Cutiepie– 38,901,306 YouTube Subscribers, 5.1 million Instagram followers, 6.81m Twitter followers (all between them), internet personalities.
2. Zoella & Alfie – 10,767,360 YouTube Subscribers between them, author (Zoella), internet personalities, fashion & beauty blogger (Zoella).
4. Bruno Mars – Musician, 45 Million singles sold worldwide, 13-time Grammy Award nominee.
5. Taylor Swift – Musician, multiple award nominations, Between 27 October and 2 November, 22% of all albums sold in the United States were copies of Taylor Swift’s 1989.
3. Kendall Jenner & Cara Delevingne -27.6 million Instagram followers between them, models, actress (Cara), reality TV star (Kendall).
6. Big Bang – Best Worldwide Act winner at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, 3,431,281 YouTube subs, Big Bang’s members include actors, TV presenters, models, single artists.
7. Will Smith – 75,561,502 Facebook likes, nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and has won four Grammy Awards.
8. 2NE1 – Over 30 million digital downloads sold, Musicians, Popular all over Asia.

I have selected the 8 words each celebrity will represent:

The 8 charities I have chosen to raise money via ‘You’ve Been Tagged’ are as follows:
1. Water is life –
2. Oxfam –
3. WWF –
4. Unicef –
5. Save the Children –
6. World Cancer Research Fund –
7. Red Cross –
8. Plan –

Next up is the list of Non-Words that shall be turned into hashtags to represent each celebrity and charity:
1. Bruddah – Short for ‘Brother’ shares a similar meaning to ‘Homie’ or ‘Friend’.
2. Kawaii – Something that is cute.
3. Wakeover – The last night’s makeup you forgot to take off and wake up with. Plays with the word “makeover”.
4. Polkadodge – the dance that occurs when two people attempt to pass each other but move in the same direction.
5. Aegyo – When a boy or girl acts in cute manner. Such as doing cute sounds, cute facial expressions, or cute actions, usually used to beg or get something.
6. Scoffite – Someone who scoffs/devours food at a greedy pace by stuffing lots of food in their mouths.
7. The Face – The face one pulls when one is not impressed.
8. Optotoxical – a look that could kill, normally from a parent or spouse.

Below is a simple breakdown of the celebrities and the words/charities I have assigned them:
1. PewDiePie & Cutiepie – Save the Children – #Kawaii
2. Zoella & Alfie – WWF – #Wakeover
3. Kendall Jenner & Cara Delevingne – Water is life – #Bruddah
4. Bruno Mars – Unicef – #Optotoxical
5. Taylor Swift – World Cancer Research Fund –#Polkadodge
6. Big Bang – Plan – #Aegyo
7. Will Smith – Oxfam –#The Face
8. 2NE1 – Red Cross – #Scoffite

I made up the non-words “scoffite” and “wakeover” for this competition.
Below you can see the brainstorming involved in creating this idea and the words ect.

IMG_9342 IMG_9341 IMG_9340

Now that the concept, celebrities, non-words and charities are figured out, It’s time to start thinking about the branding. This shall be in my next post.


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