How to Promote & Raise Money

To begin this post I shall be researching the means of promoting and spreading this plan (along with the words) like a virus across the web. My searches lead me to the following page (click to follow the link)
This is a survey showing how children in the US are more interested in YouTube stars than actual ‘celebrities’. This was a fascinating fact for me to come across, though I am not surprised judging on half of my family’s obsession with Youtubers. This sparked an idea for me – what if I was to create a partnership between charities and Youtubers or online stars to promote these words for a charity…? Just brainstorming again —–
I notice that it is the younger generation who are insane about Youtube stars, but not so much the older generation. Maybe using ‘real’ celebrities for Europe and America to attract the older generation also to make this plan take to Facebook and other social media platforms where people of all ages and backgrounds will be exposed to the hashtag trends I plan on creating with these non-words. I realise that YouTube and hollywood celebs will cover the areas such as England, America and over Europe… though that leaves Asia out of the mix. My thoughts instantly turned to celebrities and musicians in Asia because I am aware that ‘Kpop’ bands are all the rage over there at the minuet. ‘Kpop’ is basically Korean Pop music that has taken the whole of Asia by storm. Below is a screen capture of a simple google search of “the most popular bands in Asia” and believe it or not, all of the bands you see below are from Korea (accept from Arashi who are Japanese) – these bands are ALL Kpop and they have the largest influence of any music makers over ALL of Asia, meaning China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and much more. I have a friend who is a radio presenter in Indonesia, he plays 60% Kpop and 40% English music in a country who’s language is neither of the two. Kpop owns Asia’s airways and they are the most looked up to role models amongst actors, using them to spread a trend is sure to turn Asia’s head towards my Idea and make it a global phenomenon.
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.25.23

All of the bands above (and a few other influential kpop figures such as BTS and G Dragon) are people I would like to consider for spreading the word.

I looked on a few websites to gather information on people who would be beneficial to use as catalysts to make my idea a reality and I came across this (very nicely designed) site with a list of the supposed 100 most influential people in the world. Click the link to see.
100 influential people –
The list of celebrities I have compiled who I think would be good candidates for this job are below – some of them were extracted from the list above, though some are people I think are influences in their own right:
. Beyoncebeyonce_28
. Cara Delevingne power-brows-intro
. Taylor Swifttaylor-swift-2014-sarah-barlow-billboard-650
. Miley Cyrusmiley-cyrus-2014-21
. Jennifer LawrenceJennifer-Lawrence-Stalker-Deemed-Dangerous-919-2
. David Beckhamdavid_beckham_lead-434102

Once I have my idea fully figured out I shall be selecting the celebrity(s) who shall promote my chosen words, but for now my list is 6 people strong. I have noticed that unintentionally there are mainly females in this list, this won’t affect the word I choose.

When choosing which Youtubers/celebrities/bands I shall be using to promote the words and raise money I will be taking into account the nature of the word and also, their history when it comes to donating and raising money. The reason for this is because I want the word to link with the celebrities’ image/personality to attract votes, also there is no use in choosing a celebrity who wouldn’t care about the charity/wouldn’t want to include themselves in something like this.

Below is a list of YouTube stars who I think would hold a massive power for promoting this idea:

. Smosh (Anthony & Ian) 4523518277_6cafa3265f_z
. Pewdiepie       pewdiepie-indiegogo-charity-save-the-children-600x369
. Bethany Morta  bethany-mota-at-z100-s-jingle-ball-2013-in-new-york_1
. Cutiepie Marzia   477671707a0bba5d80e17b0a6089d4dc
. Zoella        Zoella_glamour_27nov14_pr-Bluewater---b_720x1080
. Markiplier markiplier_screenshot_by_ladydragon22-d793qfi
. Cry (Nope, no face)cry__under_the_mask_by_kiwa007-d5mul72
. Michelle Phanmaxresdefault
. Jenna Marblesjenna

I have selected 9 very popular YouTube stars that I think would be great for the job of promoting the words and being catalysts for the spread of this idea. After some brief deliberation I have pretty much come to the conclusion who my favourite to use is, though I am going to delve deeper into the style of words and techniques I’m going to use to promote them fully before I make my final idea.
Below is a link detailing just a few of the many ways YouTuber’s have used their online influence to raise money, please click this link to see:

One of these caught my eye as it involved one of the YouTube stars on my list: Pewdiepie’s water campaign for water aid. Click the link below to see his (closed) donation page.
As you can see below Pewds alone managed to raise that amazing amount of money singlehandedly. This is why I chose to use Youtube Stars as one of my main catalysts – their sheer influence and connections over the web are amazing, also they are not so ‘out of reach’ as hollywood celebrities, people can relate to them and therefore can easily follow their trends. Below is how much Pewdiepie raised –

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 09.22.39

This concludes my post. I shall further research all topics I brainstormed on a later date once my plans come together a little more clearly.


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