Advertising and Promotion Start!

I have made a decision on which brief I shall be doing. I have chosen the “Spread the Word” brief from the Roses competition. This comp isn’t quite as well known as the D&AD one, though to me feeling a connection and interest for the brief is more important and the “Spread the Word” seems perfect for me.
The reason I chose this brief is because the instant I saw this, I had a brainpuke (charming non-word example for you there). Or an awesome idea, as you may call it.
This brief is basically about choosing a selection of words that aren’t in the english dictionary and… well getting them into the Oxford dictionary.

I have had many ideas for the Advertising & Promotion brief. Most of which can be seen below in picture form. They are my brainstorms from over a couple of days.
The most important part of this brief to me is not just the design of the advertisements (the graphics, photography ect) but the concept. The most tricky part of this brief is thinking of a way to get these ‘non-words’ to be noticed by people in an interesting and unique way, one that will most importantly spread this word into common usage.

image1 (1) image2

After brainstorming I began thinking of a very interesting idea. Remember these?


These are all terms/words that became known via Facebook for various reasons – the no makeup selfie was to raise money and awareness for cancer and ice bucket challenge was for the ALS charity. Neck nominations were an online drinking game that became a craze – selfie means a photo taken by yourself of yourself – it also became a craze and is now a known word in the English Dictionary.
I came to the conclusion that things spread fastest via social media – in fact, if you can come up with a genius idea like the ice bucket challenge or the no makeup selfie, your pretty much ready to go viral on a global scale and people of ALL ages were doing this. I decided to focus my attention on the #icebucketchallenge because this is the most globally effective one. Something that sticks out to me is that these are all hashtags (or ‘tags’) – something that people can easily recreate and tag on their preferred social media. This started via Facebook, though as a small amount of time went by I saw ALS Ice Bucket Challenges taking over Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumbler alike. The one thing all of these hashtags have in common is they spread across social media and become trends. Then I had a thought. What if I create a trend that doesn’t need to grow itself… something that is maybe promoted by some of the leading trend setters of 2014 & 2015? And better yet, something that – like the ice bucket challenge and no makeup selfie – has a reason that helps people.
$98.2m was raised for the ALS charity via #icebucketchallenge.
More than £8m was raised for Cancer Research UK just 6 days via the #nomakeupselfie.
To me things like this are amazing – the utilisation of social media, words and the public to raise money for a good cause, while at the same time making these words more and more known amongst the general public. Notice the term ‘selfie’ within the #nomakeupselfie tag? This is now a word recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary.


I have come to a conclusion what my response to this brief shall be!

I shall be taking either a ‘non-word’ or an existing trend (a minor one that exists primarily on the web), then using something I like to call the ‘hashtag system’ to make this an online, global craze while raising money for a charity. The charity gives a valid and goodhearted reason behind this while very effectively fulfilling the brief of getting the words well known. Getting the words into the Oxford English Dictionary shouldn’t be much of a problem after people start using the words I choose in their everyday vocabulary. Selfie didn’t have a problem achieving this, so it is something realistic.


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