Advertising & Promotion Brief


So yesterday we got told what our third project of this year shall be. Interestingly enough we have a choice of 6 briefings that are to do with advertising. These briefings are from a website called D&AD ( They hold a competition every year for graphic designers, both professional and student categories included – Within the student category (which is what I’m in) are numerous briefings, six of which are to do with advertising. Our task is to pick one of these briefings and fulfil it, once this is completed we have the choice to enter our work into the New Blood competition as well as use it for our degree coursework. The briefings are listed below, you can click on the links to see the pdf format:
Airbnb_Brief Facebook_Brief Monotype_Brief TalkTalk_Brief WeTransfer_Brief WWF_Brief

There is also a different option to consider. There is a competition called the Roses Student Awards which also have a range of interesting briefings I am willing to consider. This list can be found at:

I can’t quite decide which project I’d like to go with yet… Though my favourite are Airbnb, Spread the Word and WWF. Hopefully by the next post I will have come to some sort of conclusion regarding which brief I choose to work with.
Enjoy the upcoming project 🙂


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