Words 3 & 4 – Illusion and Metamorphosis

For my third and fourth word I have decided to go with ‘Illusion’ and ‘Metamorphosis’.

Starting with Illusion, the first thing I did was look through some reference photos that allowed me to gain a broader perspective of the word, I started by beginning with my favourite illusion artist: Escher.

eye escherencounter escher8 escher

These are all very visually pleasing black and white hand-drawn Images. The traditional method Escher has used is truly beautiful and I could probably recreate something similar, however based on the time I have and the fact that I have already used traditional methods for “Depression” I turned to look at makeup, photo manipulation, digital and photography based methods:

1-clouds-illusions-dale--ford 145675600 animals-birds-face-Illusions article-1303836-0AD2206C000005DC-665_634x433 face-illusion-02 face-illusions-1-1 Face-of-Paris optical-illusion9 Two-Face-Optical-Illusion-c
Something that really caught my eye whilst looking at these pictures is the “doppleganger” one where the man looking at his camera has many little versions of himself procrastinating in the shot. This made me remember a photograph I took 3 years ago for my As-Level photography course. I immediately decided to use this because it uses large amounts of photo manipulation and displays my photography skills at the same time. Unfortunately there is no planning for this but in another post I shall be showing you how I created the picture.

The next word is ‘Metamorphosis’. I did the same and looked through the meaning of Metamorphosis and explored some photos to get to grips with the word:

DSC_0649-600x400-560x373 ernestofoto.SR_.moth_.PROMO_-680x1020 metamorphosis the-metamorphosis.282120459_std a a a a a a

One of the most common references to metamorphosis is the caterpillar into a butterfly. I like the idea of transition, below I have some examples of a transition, but instead of a beautiful one, I have decided to ‘devolve’ myself and show the transition. The story behind this is how ordinary girls can get into drugs, alcohol and prostitution ect and how that ruins them as a person. Hopefully these images are self explanatory, but in the last one the white lily symbolises death. You can click these images for a larger view if needed. THESE ARE ALL MY PHOTOGRAPHS, HAIR MAKEUP ECT.
IMG_6747a  IMG_6761a    IMG_6781aIMG_6792aIMG_6820aIMG_6829aIMG_6852a

In the next post I shall be moving onto development for these two words.


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