Word 2 – Depression

Beginning thought on my depression piece were mainly influenced by the causes of common depression what causes it, it’s effects ect. However halfway through I remembered my sister coming across a dead bird during a photo shoot. She turned around to me as I talked and just looked at me, dead bird in hands, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Why did it die?” she said, I raised my camera and caught the sincerity in my eyes. For the rest of the day she was depressed because this little bird’s life had ended. Upon remembering this I realised the causes for depression (even if it is for a day) can be beautiful. Below are the pictures I took, alongside some notes and brainstorms. You can click to enlarge them, all pictures and notes are created by me.


My mind was pretty much set on this idea so I discarded the other ideas I came up with. What I did was create a realistic drawing of my sisters face and all the depression it held. Despite this being a ‘stereotypical’ version of depression that at a glance, seems just like a girl who’s crying (I have put more thought into it than that, also depressed people tend to smile even when they’re suicidal) I am hoping the amount of effort gone into this will outweigh that.

In the next post I shall be showing you my finished produce.


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