Word 1: Beauty

As you may know from my previous posts I have decided to choose “Beauty” as my first word to visually portray.

So to begin with I chose to sketch all of my ideas out, please feel free to read through my thought ideas by clicking to enlarge the images:

After considering different options for my final outcome I decided to go with a Photography & Digital Design approach to my response. Out of the two final ideas I came up with, the bottom diagram is my final choice.
I have decided to take a photograph of either 1 or 2 beautiful girls who have got nothing wrong with their facial features. Though this by itself would be a good response for the topic of “beauty”, I shall be twisting it a bit by creating a surgical diagram (commonly known as markers) on one side of their face, marking out where the surgeries that would improve their appearance in the eyes of the media shall go. These shall be designed in Illustrator to incorporate digital design into this word. My strengths do not lie in illustrator yet, so I shall be playing to my strengths and keeping the drawing minimal until I have more experience with the program.
Below are the unedited (original) photographs I have taken. I decided to do their makeup and hair very delicate and feminine (I did the hair and makeup) to emphasise how beautiful they are and how they really don’t need surgery, just like many of the people who go under the knife for the sake of beauty. The roses in their hair also represent beauty and purity.

IMG_9429 IMG_9467 IMG_9461 IMG_9484 IMG_9474

I shall be continuing into my development in the next post. Keep updated! ^^


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