Visual Communications Breif 1

Hola ūüôā
So today we have received our brief for the second module of the Graphic Design Degree.
For the first section named “Typographic Principles” we’ve been instructed to create a presentation on a selected subject, in this case my subject is “The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich”. Within this presentation we can include anything around the subject area, though I have decided to make a ‘checklist’ of sorts for my presentation content: About, History, Architecture, City, Graduates, Typography & Artwork, Styles, Courses, Questions. I think this list will give the listeners¬†a rounded explanation of the subject I am presenting.

For the second ‘half’ which is supervised by a different lecturer is called “Digital Design” (you can select¬†this option in the categories) we have to create a portfolio of sorts, containing our visual representation of 4 or more words. In total we have been given 15 words to choose from, these are:
Energy, Illusion, Metamorphosis, Isolation, Depression, Transition, Texture, Nostalgia, Seduction, Decay,
Tranquillity, Beauty, Contrast, Phobia, Euphoria. 

I am not sure how many words I will be selecting yet, I shall choose 4 to start with and then build out from there depending on how I manage my time. We can use any media that fits within the constraints of “typography, graphic illustration, traditional media and photography” – judging on this I think photography is my strength so I shall play to my strengths by sticking to photography more than the other media.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will stick around to see the development and outcomes for the¬†“Visual Communications” Brief.


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