Overall Project Review

I have really enjoyed this project as a whole, I think it has given me the chance to explore a different design to my usual style, it has also given me a great idea of what it is like to work within given guidelines. The first part of the project (visualising words) was my favourite part because we could freely express the depth of each word without any restrictions on materials or content. This sort of work is what I enjoy most, though the design aspect of the iWonder was also really enjoyable. I haven’t got much (any xD) knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or Indesign so this was a good chance to explore and learn the software I made many mistakes and had to redo things many, many times but I am satisfied with what I have learned so far and hope to keep developing my style throughout this course.
The only regret I have for this project is to do with my lack of knowledge for the software and therefore the restriction on what I am able to produce without help as a result. I am not displeased with the outcome of this project, though I think I could’ve done much better on the technical side if I was more familiar with the software. I have made a couple of mistakes, for example on one of the iWonder magazine covers there is something off about the title that I was unable to spot in Indesign. There is a screen capture below. Unfortunately I noticed this after the 4pm deadline (yes, I saw this at 4:10 hahaha) however I am glad I’m able to notice my own mistakes so I can work on improving myself for the next project!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 14.41.39<——- (the bloop hehe)
I am excited to see what is coming next! See you when the next project commences, hope you have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year! :3


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