Structure Planning/Development

Next thing is next, I designed what I thought would be my final structure, however upon being advised that it didn’t fit the definition of structure enough I then changed my mind. I still decided to include some of the notes and loose sketches that I did for Idea 1 (Gasmask), you can see them below.

IMG_9222 IMG_9228 IMG_9221

The purpose of the above structure was to be tribute to the children of the war. Everyone always pays attention to the people who go shot out in the fields or got hit by a grenade while trying to shoot their enemy. What people don’t see as much is the children who’s parents they grew up without, who’s houses got diminished to rubble within a matter of minuets… the ones who were sent away to strange places by strange people in scary masks. The point of my structure was to bring the element of surprise to passer byes in Eckington Woods just next to the old bomb shelter – a location rather personal to me. The whole idea of having the structure the size of a child with mirrors in the eyes was so walkers could see the real image of what children see when looking up at their faces. It also reflects the cause of the mystery and anguish of these children within the glass – it’s us.
Moving on I have decided to discard the third idea of a molecular structure linking to the steel city of sheffield because I feel it is a all – too – common subject in Sheffield, I feel there is a lack of meaning and original ideas behind it.

The next post will most likely be about the idea I have decided to settle on. It’s name is “Encapsulate”…


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