Research Into Structures

We have been briefed for our first project by Mark.

Our assignment for module 1 is to create a structure that we will later edit into a location of our choosing. This structure has to have form and meaning, but can be anything we like as long as it fits the guidelines.

To begin this module I’ve started researching different sculptures and structures, mainly public art as I want my structure to be public. I decided to do this step first because it really gives me grounding and inspiration to begin brainstorming my own independent ideas. Below are three pictures I’ve selected personally, I have chosen them because they are to my taste and style.

Riace Figures by Elisabeth Fink @ Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have actually seen the above sculptures in person, they are located in a grassy field in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The reason I like these little structures is because they create a sort of eerie atmosphere to anyone passing through their gaze. The all – bronze colour contrasts beautifully with their pale face, again creating the effect that they’re watching you.


What drew me to this second structure is the way there are many different components (ivy wire in this case) can come together in such harmony to create a beautiful, flawless form. I think the real object this is based off is open to interpretation, as well as the meaning. The way people are left guessing is what really drew me to this little (presuming it’s little) sculpture.


Finally moving onto Damien Hirst’s bronze occupant of Ilfracombe Harbour. Though this is considered strange because of the exposure of the inside of this woman’s body, I find it intriguing and beautiful. I found this sculpture after a conversation with my Father after him mentioning this “extremely strange woman in Ilfracombe Harbour”. Bronze is possibly my favourite sculpture material.

I have looked at many more public structures and art and I think I’m ready to start brainstorming my own ideas.


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