On With the Heart Development…

Finally I have come up with all the ideas I need to go ahead with my structure. I have named this structure “Encapsulate” and some of the planning and rough sketches for this are below:


Here I basically decided on everything that would effect my sculpture such as location, scale, material and how the sculpture would stand ect. Below are some links to the places I used to collect information for my research and development.

My original idea was to make the maquette of my structure out of clay, though I found out via researching that polymer clay would in fact be a lot more convenient. It was then I decided to research the best brands before deciding on “Super Sculpey”, a brand of clay that focuses on making Japanese Ball Jointed Dolls. However I figured that something malleable enough to make a dolls face would suit my needs perfectly. Knowing part of what I was going to be using to make the actual sculpture made the next steps of sketching the design a lot easier because I could judge how possible things were:

IMG_9226 IMG_9227

As you can see above, there ended up being an evident need for more materials other than Super Sculpey. Because I had decided on using steel and bronze as my two main materials for the large scale structure in the City Centre, I had to find something to replicate this on a much smaller scale. More research links are below.. PLEASE NOTE that I used books to research also, they were from my neighbour who is an inventor, I also sought his opinion when it came to the metal.
Something I also considered was how Bronze aged, though I decided to go with the “new bronze” look because I feel like it will have more impact when catching the light both in reality and in the photograph that shall be my final outcome. Below is the link to Super Sculpey, the material I decided to use for the heart.

In the end my decision was as follows:
Heart: Super Sculpey and Tinfoil – Because the tinfoil can help keep the structure of the heart and will allow the clay to cook properly because it isn’t too thick. Also Super sculpey is smoothable and malleable enough to make veins and ventricles without too many imperfections, also it has the convenience of being oven baked to harden.
Technology and Wires: Aluminium wire, chrome plated copper pipe and Knitting needles – Because the aluminium wire is thin enough to look like steel poles when blown up and super imposed onto a new background to be 15ft tall, also the silver appearance is similar to that of steel, creating the perfect material to represent the “Steel City” link. I chose knitting needles of all objects because of their pointed end, I can easily cut them in half and they appear the same at metal from far away. It may be tricky to come across a chrome plated copper pipe but seems though copper pipes are common in plumbing, I’m sure its my best option. I chose this material because it’s strong enough to uphold my structure and look like a huge steel pipe when it’s made to appear 15ft tall.

Before I researched the materials in detail I googled the location I decided on (crucible square) and looked around to make sure my materials would fit into the landscape and the current public art effortlessly. The link to some images are below:


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